Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today is Smoke-free Day 213.

As much as I still count my smoke-free days (because it brings me joy and wonderment and reminds me not to trade it in for an occasional tugging - any real urges have been gone for quite awhile), I haven't really paid any attention to the money saved. Smart people take the money they used to spend on cigarettes and physically, in cash, put it somewhere instead so that at some point they have a little pile of loot to enjoy or invest, depending on personality, I s'pose. Since I always paid for cigarettes with my debit card, and since insurance (Kaiser) thankfully covered the Chantix as a co-pay if I followed their rules (yes, lucky, most don't cover at all), I just let the money stay in the bank where I probably don't need to explain that it got lost in the shuffle and commingled with all of my other pennies (saying "all of my other money" would have made me sound far more monied than I am...). This all means that I had no idea how much I'd saved until I actually *looked* at the meter that pretty much sits up there every day ignored by my oblivious self.

$637.20 (based on my smoking habit at the end when I'd already cut back considerably)

I suppose at some point it would have happened anyway that the money not being spent on smoking would have been absorbed into the mundane like higher winter electric bills and groceries and things like Hello Kitty socks (because I know *everyone* owns as many pairs as I do), but that $637.20 would have been made for a nice little treat right about now. I still come out ahead, though, just knowing that it's $637.20 that I did not spend on poison to slowly kill myself. Anything else is better than that. I can't believe how much money I spend over the 20+ years I smoked, and I'm just so glad that I quit now that it's so much more stupid expensive than it was when I started because that adds up to even crazier money now. Well over a thousand dollars per year I'll save times hopefully the next bucket load of years. Wow.


  1. Congratulations on quiting! Good for you!

    If you had saved the 637.20, what would you have done with it today?

  2. Got me thinking, Asthmagirl! I'd love to say that I'd add it to my 401k as the last little bump for 2007 (since I guess I have until April to contribute to prior year), but I'd probably want to do frivolous and fun stuff like a massage and lattes while knowing that there are some more practical needs to consider as well as our upcoming trip. Then I'd probably split it among all of the above ;)

  3. It sure adds up, huh. I'm way behind you in days but way ahead in savings. Isn't it great to be free!

  4. I have another way it's saved you money Maggie, you aren't going to Nevada cause you're afraid the slots will make you want a cigarette.

    I hope you're treating yourself with something real special cause you sure deserve it (you're special Maggie)!!

    Congratulations on another day, week, and month without smoking!!

  5. Isn't it amazing how fast it adds up? Our ten year anniversary is this year. I'm hoping money saved by both of us quitting will take us somewhere warm and tropical!

  6. I often calculate the money I am saving and have started putting the funds in my savings account. Its a big motivator for me. How much are cigarettes in Oregon? Here I was paying at least $4.00 at the cheaper places and $4.50 at the 7-11! I definetly want to get my teeth whitened and traveling is always nice!

  7. Chris, amen! Excellent to be free. With cash, too ;)

    True, MamaFlo. We are actually spending a bigger chunk now on a different upcoming trip, but it's still a treat and easy to justify with money saved.

    Lynda, that's awesome to have *two* little batches of savings going. A romantic trip sounds perfect!

    Mz Diva, when I quit, cigarettes were about between $3.50-$5.50, depending. I usually call it $4.00.


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