Friday, January 04, 2008


Today is Smoke-free Day 200, and apparently it's possible to be completely pissed off, overwhelmed, frustrated, frightened, stressed out and utterly powerless with endlessly more of the same piled on every 15 minutes and still not smoke even long after the Chantix is all gone. Good to know.

(Today, dear and gentle readers, you get this because I've been sucked dry of anything more cheerful. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more of my typical happy horseshit to share. I hope so even more than you do. At least Tom and kitties are being sweet today.)


  1. Hugs and kisses from this direction, too!

  2. It must be going around Maggie. I would like to smash this laptop into 1 million pieces...

    But I am not going to smoke. I won't I can't. I will think of how much it would let down those people that come to my blog for inspiration.

    Stay strong, even if the world is being shitty.

  3. I'm sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news...but I am proud of you for not lighting up because I'm sure you wanted to after we talked the first the Good Lord knows I did.

  4. Wishing you peace and a better tomorrow. I am proud of you for not lighting up. It makes me know it is possible no matter what happens!

  5. Life sucks and then you die!!! LOL!!! Well, really, it does, and you do. But at least in the meantime, you don't have to cough yourself into an early and unpleasant grave!!!!!

    I hope, dear Maggie, you queen-of-getting-us-through-the-cravings, I hope that tomorrow you have a totally rockin' day.

    Also, don't have any nightmares prompted by horror movies, I'm just sayin', is all! ;)


  6. Hey! 200 days for you and one month for me. I'll celebrate for both of us and hope your day improves.

    Hugs from me, too.

  7. EVERYONE deserves a crappy day every now and again but at least you are having one without a cigarette - that's huge!!!!

    You are exactly 100 days ahead of me, keep it up!!

  8. I was hoping you would have a great day and celebrate this achievement. Apparently the universe had different plans for you. Perhaps it is a test. (I've had my share.)

    Sorry about the day, congratulations on the milestone, and thank you for being you!

  9. You are doing such a great thing! I remember when I quit smoking... within a month or so, I could tell the difference when I did things like climb stairs... are you feeling that?

    Also - look at this old photo of Braden from December 06 for a quick pick-me-up: Tee-Hee

    Hope you feel better soon, Mags!

  10. {{{hugs Maggie!}}}

    You crack me up though even when you're mad. Although I feel for you for the crappy day that you've had, I actually chuckled out loud when I read your post.

    You are an inspiration as usual on this journey that we all share. I too am glad to know that it is possible not to smoke even under a ton of stress. Congratulations girl!

    Keep up the good work, you're awesome!

  11. You're doing wonderfully! Props for staying strong, and inspiring the rest of us!


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