Friday, January 11, 2008

Close to Home - Updated Report

Today is Smoke-free Day 208, and it's Friday. These are good things. Thursday was just kind of Thursday, so I didn't post for a change. Did you miss me?

Back in August I wrote a post called "Close to Home" that involved me rattling on about smoking laws and restrictions in different places, and at that time I posted a link to the older 2006 American Lung Association Report, an annual report giving report cards to each state for various issues related to smoking. Last night I received an email from someone working with the American Lung Association letting me know that this report has been updated for 2007 and actually covers states that saw changes effective January 1, 2008 (such as in Illinois, my "home" state of so many years and current home to wonderful fellow Chantix blogger Lynda at Life Rushes By who recently discussed the change). In general, I personally believe in attempting to strike some balance by addressing both health concerns as well as plain old common sense concerns (as in a really ridiculous amount of common sense to make up for areas where I see so very much nonsense), preferably all without people acting all rabid toward one another, so I have some very mixed feelings on some of the regulations depending on lots of factors (particularly the common sense factor, and I think both sides sometimes have it, sometimes don't).

In any case, all good, all bad or all just a mixed bag, here is the link to the latest report which I do, indeed, find interesting when comparing states (I'll add the link to my list of Linky Loos - it's not just Chantix bloggers, you know, but lots of other good stuff that I've collected along my not-being-a-smoker-anymore journey so far):

Where You Live:
  • The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2007 - "The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2007 report tracks progress on key tobacco control policies at the state and federal level and assigns grades to tobacco control laws and regulations enacted as of January 1, 2008." (Quote from report website)
Since I'm here blogging anyway and thinking about it, I'll just mention the other link already under that same section from my original posting:
  • Smoke Free USA - Depending on where you live, this can be really useful or really not so much. If your state is listed and is one with lots of listings, you can find plenty of dining and/or drinking options for smoke-free establishments. Be merry!


  1. LOL at South Dakota. Too spendy, too intrusive, too much at odds with "lone cowboy rides the plains like the Marlboro man" image, too "California", too little money, too "might piss off the tourists".

  2. I don't think that list is as comprehensive as it professes as San Antonio isn't listed in Texas as being smoke free in dining establishments (which it is unless there is an outdoor dining area).

  3. Ooh, I didn't even think about the pool halls (I read it as a ban in one of your links for another state.) I don't think I could have shot a game of pool back in the college days without smoking. I think I would have gotten too bored and quit playing the game that I still suck at today.

  4. Hi Maggie,
    I am so grateful these smoking laws/bans are not a concern for me anymore. (One day at a time hopefully they never will be!) My friend in Oregon said they made her apartment non-smoking and they are doing that with many buidings here in California. Imagine, having to pay all that money to move so you can feel free to inhale poison! Smokers are in a bad more ashtrays outside and easy access to smoke breaks. Its becomming harder and harder to continue to smoke. Some cities out here will actually give you a $250.00 ticket for smoking in public. Sounds like probition to me! I look forward to reading the rest of the state laws in your links.

  5. Gotta love it, Tasina. It's a tough issue to get right, I think.

    MamaFlo, I agree some areas don't seem to include as much good info as others.

    Lynda, I was one of those pool player smokers who sucked at pool, too!

    Amen, Mz Diva, to not having to be concerned anymore. I do think there should be balance, though, definitely.


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