Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Oh. My. You know the little New Year's Menu (click to see!) I posted that I planned on making? Well, I did. Reviews for each will be showing up on the Recipezaar website shortly (under each individual recipe separately), and all have been added to my "I Made It" cookbook that's set as public for all to see (I've reviewed each recipe, and I hit the 100 mark today!). The snacks on the Eve were a mixed bag, the breakfast was as good as always, but the dinner was dumbfoundingly good to the point that Tom will love me forever and ever and ever because steaks done right in cast iron are things of joyful wonderment, as are stuffed mushrooms (and the other stuff I made), and making all this is the best way to get someone to express undying love for all things you (so in this case, me!).

Just in case, here's the menu that's over there but without my reviews (sorry for the repeat for those who already saw all this already):

New Year's Eve Snackies
*Almost White Castle Hamburgers by Chef Doozer
Since the Northwest is depraved, I mean deprived.
*Bacon-Cracker Snacks by Donna M.
What's not to love? Rumor has it that Parmesan cheese enjoys squeaking in there before the bacon wraps around. At least according to Pioneer Woman, who knows all good things about good stuff

New Year's Day Breakfast
*Denny's-Style French Toast by Earnhardt#3
Best. French. Toast. Ever. Period.
Any breakfast involving more than a bowl of cereal requires bacon. Just is, is all.

New Year's Day Dinner
*Cast Iron Steak by dividend
Because Santa bought Mama cast iron cookware and Daddy loves steak.
*Best Baked Potato by mcb22902
Steak, potato. Basic math, really.
*Stuffed Mushrooms by MaeEast
Because I love him thiiiiiiiiiiiis much.
*Roasted Green Beans by Seamouse
A hint of the healthier-ness in the days to come.

After all that, *now* I'm ready to start doing the eating less and moving more thing I've been promising.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! And congratulations being smoke free for all of this year ;-)


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