Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Today is Smoke-free Day 204, and it's pretty close to the next day because I'm just now writing. It's been another rugged day (and it's a Monday - coincidence?). I hope tomorrow will be better because hopeful is something I do. I still don't smoke and still don't even try to pretend anymore that it would make my day any better. Then I'd just smell icky and have that smoker hangover thing where I'd get headaches and just feel generally yucky in the lung and overall body. None of that for me, and I'm grateful not to be adding that to the mix.


  1. I totally agree with you Maggie! I may be going through stressful times, but lighting up a cigarette is not going to make it any better! My brain is out to kill me so it likes to put the idea into my head now and then. I am so glad I found blogging! It is a really good substitute when I want to do something with my hands. Feel better soon.

  2. [[[hugs]]] Maggie.

    I sure hope that this week turns out more positive than last week for you. Bad moods are no fun. :(

    Hang in there, it'll get better!

  3. Thanks, Mz Diva! Amazing how novel something so simple seems. When I smoked I *had* to smoke more on "bad" days...

    Thank you, Sue! I'm hoping today will be the day I'm back to my normal sarcastic but not crabby self!

  4. I agree too Maggie!!
    Smoking just is not an option anymore.

  5. Very true, MamaFlo, just isn't an option!


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