Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Dedicated Twin

Today is smoke-free day 227, and I'm warm and dry.

We've been flirting with just enough snow to screw up traffic but not quite enough to have a snow day (yes, I'm 7 years old like that) for most of the week so far. This morning it was a pile of slush all over everything, but it was pretty in areas on the grass where it looked like just snow. I do know that it's been chilly out there. And I do wish we'd get the 2-3 inches it takes here just have a damn snow day (growing up in Chicago I understand that's not really much snow, but there they are flatter and more prepared, and here we have hills/mountains and rarely any snow).

Because of the smoking policy at our current apartment complex, I've expressed my gratitude often that I no longer smoke (in some but not all of these posts, if you are curious) because I don't really do cold so well. While I didn't mind stepping out onto the balcony to do a 3 minute smoke (the double drag quick puffs version of poison therapy) with a coat thrown over my Hello Kitty pajamas or what have you on any given winter night, the thought of having to actually get dressed (Tom doesn't allow me to wear 80's style shoulder pads or my pajamas in public, thankfully) and walk however many feet away from the building would have just been too much effort and would have taken too long. I could have been almost done smoking on my balcony in the amount of time it took to get dressed and walk that far into a cold and wet and slushy night.

There is this one girl, though, that I see out there a lot, bundled up under the carports puffing away like so many of the other smokers in my apartment complex. Tom and I have both noticed that she really does look very, very much like me. I noticed that she even paces the way I used to when I would smoke alone outside at work or somewhere other than my balcony. It's almost kind of eerie, like a different kind of mirror reflecting what I would be doing if not for the whole Chantix and quitting smoking thing.

Warm and dry is so much more appealing to me than it is to my dedicated twin. Well, that or she's just the same nicotine junkie as I was last winter but with stricter apartment rules. I would be doing the very same thing if I was still smoking. Not having slush seeping into my shoes or poison flowing through my lungs are happy, happy things.


  1. Tear a Chantix ad out of magazine and pin it up right where she paces. It might work.

    But ultimately - better she than thee!

  2. I never smoked in my house or my car (because of the kids). My cigarettes probably averaged 3 minutes for this reason. I was to the point where I almost never enjoyed a cigarette. I just did it to maintain my fix and my moods. Tell this girl about Chantix. Anyone who's going through all the for a cigarette has got to be entertaining the thought of becoming a non-smoker.

  3. I agree with Tasina and Brandie, this "Twin" needs you and your support, approach her and see if you think she's receptive to hearing about Chantix.

  4. I'm with you - I'd rather be inside where it's warm and dry than outside in my pj's and coat standing outside the side door of my garage. That would be why the poor dog never gets let out - it's too dang cold!

  5. It is -14 here and I am warm inside not smoking. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Ok, I get the no smoking in common areas, balconies, patios, within 25 feet of the building - all understandable to protect the buildings, the non-smoking occupants and keep the place tidy and clean. But no smoking in your apartment?? Inside your closed door??

    Like the first commenter on your apartment policy post (thanks for linking back to that, btw), I get the heebie jeebies when laws and policies start dictating what I can and cannot do in my own home.

    I totally support no smoking in public places, etc., etc. - but no smoking at home?

    I'd be buying a house, whether I smoked, or not.


  7. I'm not quite ready to go dispensing unwanted advice to smokers (because I hated that to the core of my being when I smoked, and it really did not help), but if I happen to wind up in a situation where my twin and I are talking about her wanting to quit smoking, I'd mention Chantix! For now, I just drive by, as a stranger ;)

    The whole rights thing is a whole other issue. I'm still too sore to talk about it :)


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