Thursday, January 03, 2008

Not Dreading

Today is Smoke-free Day 199. Crazy how the days string together and really start adding up! I really do wonder if my dear friend J hadn't told me about Chantix back in May of 2007 if I'd still just be thinking about wanting to try quitting again "someday." It's fairly likely that right now I'd be wearing a patch and hating life or just continuing to dread the thought of it. At least that's how my life was in the past for such a long time. Now I'm just so crazy delighted that I already quit and no longer have to dread quitting. It helps that I am starting to really feel just plain great to the point that it's rarely all that difficult anymore. Of course, there are still tougher moments sometimes and probably will be forever, but they are fewer and further between and usually so much more easy to dismiss smoky thoughts.

I noticed this morning, too, that on those very rare times that I do cough, it actually now seems so foreign to my body instead of like a regular all day every day kind of thing. I used to cough *a lot*, especially at night Tom tells me, and now it just feels so weird like my body isn't quite sure how. Luckily, knocking furiously on wood, I haven't been sick at all yet this winter (could still happen, but fingers crossed).

Mentally, physically, I'm getting there. I still have a long ways to go before I will feel "safe," if ever, since I know firsthand that a person can quit long-term yet start smoking again, but my journey that started as just one day, then another, and then a few more, and another few more is now well underway. It all begins with Day One, and it goes from there, one day at a time, as long as I just keep going.

Oh, and tonight is all new Wife Swap, something I am bold enough to admit is one of my favorite shows. Life is good!


  1. Wife Swap and Super Nanny! My kids have been instructed not to bother me or I'll bust out some of Super Nanny's tricks on them!

  2. Dang. I was so hoping to read that you put dread locks over half your head then changed your mind.

    I know what you mean about the cough. I've got a - teensy tiny darn I wish I was a little sicker so that I could use a sick day - cold right now and it's SOOOOOOOO not that bad. I'm sure I'd be in utter bronchial hell if I were still smoking. Now I cough a little bit, make something hot to drink, and it all just goes away. Nice.

  3. I am really looking forward to being less sick over the winters. I was pretty sick for about a month this winter, and I know it wouldn't have hung in so long if I wasn't smoking. So, hooray to healthier winters!

  4. I love reality TV....I am a reality TV junkie. I totally admit it! The common theme of all these shows is everyone is looking for a lifechanging experience. "Wifeswap, Supernanny 911" Biggest Loser" The list goes on! I guess I got mine via Chantix! I really feel like this drug and quitting smoking has changed my life. Who would have thought it would be so unglamorous? I watched the preview for "Celebrity Rehab" and got grateful real fast! Thank God there were no cameras back in the day when I got sober! Remember Jeff Conway from the TV show "Taxi" and he was in the first movie "Grease?" The man is a hot mess! He is on so many painpills that he was in a wheelchair! Also, Brigette Nilson who has drank her way through God knows how many shows is cleaning up too! The show should be interesting.


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