Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Side Trips

Today is Smoke-free Day 219, and yesterday we did a little side trip road trip. Again, so much easier as not a smoker and therefore not having to stop periodically to smoke and smell bad until the next stop. Nope, we got in the (too little overhead and not so comfortable but smells like new) rental car and went on our way until we got there. Then we actually went into a museum for close to two hours that was so very engrossing that it would have been a shame to have stepped away from it (not sure about re-entry because I didn't have to ask, thankfully, but it looked like the kind where that's not an option). Pictures from outside of the museum (where it was too sacred ground to have lit up, so even that wouldn't have been an option) are still inside the camera, but if they turn out half as incredibly moving as in real life, Sunday could have some real winners. If not, it was still one of those experiences that will stay with me forever enough that I don't really even need pictures (still keeping fingers crossed anyway).

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  1. still sounds like you are having a great time.......And so glad it is a fun time with being smoke free


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