Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 1/13/08

Lotus brings meaning to my Sundays with the very cool Weekly Winners thing she started (that anyone can join!).

Click for larger images (because they do look better full-sized) or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

Last Sunday it was time to get out of the mini depression funk that had plagued me for far too long, so shortly after posting my Weekly Winners last week, here's how my day went:

(walking out of the funk)

Seen Walking
(Almost an Evil Berry and Almost an Evil Berry Family)
(yes, I'm nutty and historically have a thing about trees/bushes/berries that look evil)

More Seen Walking
Just a great big strong tree that encouraged me somehow and something about weathering things with grace (of which I tend to have none)

Fresh and Healthy
I picked these up on my walk and actually used them throughout the week, and I felt good about it all week long

Some things that happened later in the week...

Flax Seed Cracker Bread
(it's actually very easy and yummy and healthy)

Mexican-Style Pasta With Chicken and Peppers
(another healthy-ish and super yummy dinner)

Spiced Tilapia With Mango Black Bean Salsa
(I learned this week that even I can eat fish if it's done so very yummy like this)

Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(Oh, my, these were good! I used sesame oil and added flax seed because we have a flax seed thing going in our house, so that's the flecks you see)

Oops. How'd that get in there?

Not related to food, I also got a hair cut because every girl coming out of a funk who hasn't had a hair cut in about 9 months (yes, ladies, I'm not an every 6 weeks kind of girl...) needs a little change. I wanted to go even shorter, but I am a chicken. This week maybe I'll tweeze. We'll see.

Self-Portraits New Haircut Style (Shy and Not Shy Versions)


  1. Looks like we're walking and eating better, at the same time. I actually just bought myself some flax seed oil to start taking, too.

    You are too cute, and I wish you lived across the street so we could be bestest friends!

  2. Mmmmm...your pictures are making me hungry!!

    Great pictures!

  3. That tree picture was amazing.

    You're supposed to get your hair cut every 6 weeks? Oops. I can't keep up with girl crap. I consider myself ahead of the game when I brush my teeth in the morning.

  4. Are you a gourmet cook Maggie? Where do you get your recipes?
    It's definitely helped me to eat better now that I'm not smoking and I've fortunately been able to keep away from a weight gain during my quit.

    Your photos are earthy and fresh - thanks!

    Congratulations on being out of your funk and still being quit!

  5. I want to be your bestest friend, too! Then I'd get all kinds of healthy and yummy meals. I hope my husband never finds your site because then he'll never believe me anymore when I tell him that no one cooks meals that don't come from a box anymore. Shhh....

  6. great photos!

    Hmmm. Those are some evil-looking berries in your neighborhood...have you considered moving? Just kidding.

  7. There's that happy face! Hurrah!

    Your food photos are always so great. I really love them.

    We are in the process of getting rid of the junk and getting the kitchen stocked with healthy foods again (like we used to... but it's hard to get back to, for some reason).

    Walking really does help brush off the funk, doesn't it?

  8. My favorite is the old tree. Then, the rest made me hungry. :)

  9. Food shots are fab as always but I LOVE the tree..and the haircut is tre chic!!

  10. Fantastic photos!

  11. the tree shot is great... and I'm now hungry thanks to the food shots - not good at 1am! lol

  12. Maggie Maggie Maggie.....that food looks sooooooooooooo good compared to my diet since THursday I just know I will lose some weight.
    I love looking at your pictures.
    Why can't we all just be neighbors?!
    Your self photos are great too. Ewww I took a photo of myself tonight and ewwwwwww I just looked GROSS....Can't wait for Falsies!!!!

  13. That tree was beautiful. I also loved the picture of the fresh food you got. Boy, if I used all that good stuff in my cooking, I'd feel good all week too!

    I think I need to start cooking again. I used to make homemade food almost every night. But since my hubby is a stay at home dad now, I've been letting him cook his boxed & canned meals almost every night. I think I need to take a clue from you and start cooking more for my family. You're just a good influence all around!

  14. That food really makes me hungry! Nice pictures!


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