Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 1/20/08

Again because of awesome Lotus, another week of Weekly Winners thing.

Click for larger images (because they do look better full-sized) or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

Prop jets are always a wee bit scary...

...but I'll do a looking away self-portrait in the air anyway...

...if a perfect latte at destination comes with artwork (from a beginner barista, I'm told).

And best of all, coffee. Bags and bags and bags and burlap bags of more coffee. I am in heaven. I just know this is what heaven looks like.

Falling In


Coffee Heaven (just one delicious corner)

A New Favorite

Oh my goodness, life is good today!


  1. This post of your Weekly Winners speaks volumes to me: prop plane, pretty lady, coffee, coffee, coffee!!

    Loved it so~

  2. Oh wow - you must be dizzy with joy to be around all that coffee! Hope you're having a fun trip. Write me all about it.

  3. Where are you at? Looks like you are having some much needed fun! I hope your stress level is going down!

  4. Prop Plane is awesome...and the coffee..YUM!! Great shots!~

  5. fantastic! i'm enjoying a cup while i enjoy your photos.

    but prop planes? eek. no thanks!

    love your photos.

  6. Meh. Coffee. I can take it or leave it but I LOVE your photos.
    I love that they tell a story and I love that you are happy!

  7. I've never had one of those "pretty coffees!" I want one!

    Love your shots. :-)

  8. These are great photos. I want to be where there is that much coffee!

  9. Lucky you maggie......Looks like your in coffee heaven. You must feel like "queen coffee" I love your photos and hope your having a great time.

  10. Wow Maggie! You took a prop plane to heaven,and they served you Lattes.:) You go girl!


  11. I must have missed to post where you told everyone where you were going. Topeka? El Salvador? Can someone clue me in, please?

  12. OK, I just gotta tell you, Maggie - I am so on board with your haircut. It's super-cute. And so are you!


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