Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bud Light Songbird

Today is smoke-free day 241, and I'm all safely arrived in Chicago. Flight was uneventful other than the Bud Light Songbird sitting kitty-corner from me - 4 beers, 3 hours, waking me up with random singing along to the headphones with XM radio every time I started to doze off even just a little. It was always just a few words, maybe one line of song. Just enough to knock me out of any sleep I'd managed to fall into at all. Did I mention that this was a 6AM flight? Who knew they even served that early. She called a friend before take off and presumably the same friend upon landing and disclosed to said friend number of beers consumed, so that's how I have an exact count since I was trying to sleep, not count beers (sheep maybe). Maybe she was petrified to fly. I would have been petrified to not be able to smoke, but that's no longer a concern of mine. Thankfully. Quality time spent so far with family has included White Castle and the real deal Chicago pizza at a hometown favorite haunt, quality, indeed.

Posting will continue to range from sporatic to none until I return on Sunday, but I'd sincerely like to thank everyone who has sent best wishes for my dad's surgery next week. Due to timing, I won't be here for the surgery itself, but he's in great spirits, and we are having a nice visit. If we stop enjoying the visit (not likely) it's good knowing that I, too, could drink and sing to annoy sleeping people on the return flight to cheer myself up as needed. If I have room next to all the Sliders and pizza (and Chicago dogs tomorrow...).


  1. Glad you got to the Windy City in one piece. I'm with you on the White Castles - I'm a native St Louisan so I know all about those belch burgers - hahahaha.
    We're all pulling for your Dad Maggie, take care of yourself and enjoy your family.

  2. Hehe, great post...loved the image of the flight, gheeze!

  3. How rude. It's things like this that make me think that carrying around Krazy Glue for random drips into hair or onto seats is a good thing.

  4. Mamaflo, White Castles sure are their own thing. Yum!

    Huckdoll, it was even funnier/more irritating in person.

    Tasina, next time I travel, I'm taking your advice!


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