Thursday, February 28, 2008

Checked In, Inspired, New "Me Time" Vegan Recipe

Today is smoke-free day 255. I still get the little check in reminders from the Chantix GetQuit program (much less often, but I still do check in, why not, right?), and today was about my inspiration to continue not smoking. I have so many reasons not to want to compromise my health and life by going back to smoking that I don't even know where to start. The further away from smoking I am, the more I'm glad that I took that leap, even if I was afraid I'd miss smoking, especially when the "me time" thing would kick in (like I've talked about a few times... here and here and here and here and here and here and here because I get this sense of entitlement after long days about things like deserving coffee and relaxing with cats, and it used to include smoking). Right now, it's pretty much all "me time," all the time for awhile, and I still don't have to smoke. Best of all, I don't even have to agonize over it. As I mentioned yesterday, over the past few stressful days I did have a few extra tuggings, but they were actually just little whispers. Even blogging fairly religiously throughout my Chantix days and all the days since, I can't really tell you when the last really strong urge was. I'm sure another one will come at some point, but today I'm feeling great about a lot of things, and I'm inspired to keep on this journey not smoking just thinking about the life ahead of me with my man.

In the spirit of my beloved "me time," I'm treating myself to a recipe tonight that I've been wanting to try because it sounds like my kind of thing and super yummy even if it also happens to be vegan (I'm kind of the opposite of vegan, I think, because I love the taste of bacon cheeseburgers, but I do wrestle philosophically with the whole eating meat thing and could almost be vegetarian, but just not quite, but can't really imagine me going vegan...), Creamy Chickpea and Tahini Casserole. It might not sound so excellent to everyone, but I do love me the chickpeas and also tahini (if you do not know the joys of tahini, it's sold next to the peanut butter in my grocery store, and it's made from sesame seeds, which are already fabulous to me). Redefining "me time" isn't all bad, and it's so worth it in so many way.


  1. Ummm....this sounds good....but it also kinda sounds like fancy hummus mixed with rice? I love hummus so would probably like this.

  2. Yep, Tasina, kind of like that, and it was really good!

  3. I need this. I fell off the wagon after 3 weeks and I need to get back on and fast...don't mind me if you see a million hits on your blog from me over the next few days, okay?? You are truly and inspiration!

  4. Aw, huckdoll, thank you, and I wish you the best. You can do this.


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