Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today is smoke-free day 243, but my clothes and hair smell all nasty and smoky. My family went to a place where smoking is allowed inside, and there definitely was some smoke in the air. Yes, at one point, looking down at that table just below me and seeing menthols made my mind wander (I still don't really go where it's smoky usually, so I'm not used to it), but returning home and having to go to bed with stinky hair because it's too late for a shower doesn't thrill me, and any small desire related to smoking is back to gone again, no Chantix help required at this stage. I walked around smelling my hair for months after quitting, amazed at how delicious it smelled. Tonight? Ick.


  1. I totally notice that after being somewhere smokey. And the thing is, when I smoked, I'm sure my hair smelled that way all the time and I didn't even notice it!

    I wonder how many people I stood next to in public lines or whatnot that DID have to notice it. *cringe*

  2. I can smell a smoker a mile away and it does in fact stink! Cigarettes still smell good to me but people that have smoked smell horrible.
    I too cringe at the thought of how gross I had to have smelled for those 36 years - YUCK!
    I'm glad I'm smoke free now though - better late than never.

    Good to see you are standing up and not smoking even with that exposure - Go Maggie!!

  3. Bleh. I totally agree. No more stinky hair!!! I'm also cringing up there with Lotus and Mamaflo. It's embarrassing to think that people were wrinkling their noses at my stench. It's like standing there just passing gas without a care in the world.

  4. It really bothers me that I used to send my kids to school smelling like that. They were the innocent ones in my smoking. But not anymore.
    I feel for ya Maggie and totally understand how you feel.
    Sounds like you have had a great trip home. Can't wait to see your pictures because I know you will have plenty. Esp on weekly winners.
    have a safe trip home.

  5. It's little reminders like stinky hair after a night out that help remind me why I quit in the first place. Great job making it through that!


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