Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Letter P

Today is smoke-free day 247, and I'm way behind on responding to comments and checking out all of the fellow Weekly Winners participants (scroll down on that page for the links, sheesh, 59 of them!) from Sunday. It won't be long before I'll have more time on my hands than I really care to have, and then I'll be all caught up, all the time, while missing my Tom during our temporary absence from one another. Gah.

But today, behind as I am on "blog stuff," dreading as I am "the apartness," today, I bring you my Tuesday Heads or Tails, brought to you by the letter P (my favorite letter because I sing potty songs like a 3 year old), hosted by Skittles.

It's P Time. Portland, and Pho. The Pictures (ha, another P!) are clickable if you'd like to see them full-sized and full of glory.

Returning from my trip to Chicago, I arrived in (P is for) Portland right around sunset and sweet Tom drove while I took pictures:

Much of the money I've saved not smoking has gone to this discovery I made only last September when my dear friend J, who told me about his success quitting smoking with Chantix, came to visit. Now I'm truly in *love* with all my heart, and I can't believe I lived so many years not knowing the joys of this yummy Vietnamese noodle soup heaven, (P is for) Pho, which we had for dinner last night at our favorite place, as one of many last hurrahs before "the apartness":


  1. Beautiful photos!

    Me and hubby do our share of road tripping and one of things favorite things we see are cities all lit up at night.

    We haven't made it to Portland yet.. but give us time. :)

  2. I love the photos too but my favorites are sunrise and sunset, the colors hold me hostage.
    Pho looks delicious!

  3. Awesome photos! Makes me want to go there!

  4. Those pics are fabulous! I love city skylines.
    And now I want some soup. :)

  5. LOVE the picture of going into the tunnel and of the soup. Beautiful!

  6. What gorgeous photos! I've been through that same tunnel! That soup looks delicious!

  7. Perfectly pleasant photos placed precisely...oh hell...whatever. Past the pho please.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Portland is one of those places I would like to spend more time...(I visited a couple times when my nieces were at Reed and Lewis and Clark.)

    If only I could deal with endless gray, I would love to move back to the Pacific Northwest. I love it there, but the gray just kills me.

  9. Unless of course you meant Portland, Maine. Never been there. ;)

  10. These pictures are freakin' AWESOME! Seriously, I love them.

    And that last ones, YUM. :-)

  11. I just posted news of a contest I'm having for Heads Or Tails players. Check it out. :)

  12. Thanks, everyone!

    Julie, yep, Portland, OR. And it is gray here. Perpetually ;)


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