Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not to be Trifled with Today

Today is smoke-free day 234.

I used to get these weird and scary vision problems accompanied by half of my body going numb, and I could never figure it out. The first one was when I was in Japan, and I just remember trying to express that while my vision was all screwed up and sort of "wavy" or like there were watery holes in what I was trying to see. I really didn't think it was quite an eye doctor thing and more like an emergency room thing, but sometimes I had trouble getting my point across in Japan, things lost in translation and whatnot. While I stood there reading the chart (no, it wasn't in Japanese, actually, oddly), half of my body just went numb and seemed unconnected to the rest of me. I was sure that I was having a stroke and going to die right there. I didn't.

It would be several more of these and many years later that I would come to understand from Googling my symptoms (a favorite pastime of mine) that I was actually probably experiencing migraines, just often without the whole headache aspect, or a headache with onset so much later (hours later or even the next day) and so much less severe than what I would have expected, almost like a "normal" headache, that I wouldn't have suspected a migraine. Apparently I'd been just getting the "aura" aspect of the migraine and was doing the right thing by going into the darkest and quietest room I could find to take a nap for awhile until it went away.

Something has changed because I did the nap thing yesterday after my whole left side felt all disconnected from my body after lunch, and I woke up still not right and as recently as this morning experiencing some gentle stabbing (is that possible?) in the area of my head above my eye. And I'm not in a great mood. At all. And I even feel a little uneasy in the stomach.

I'm not to be trifled with today.

The good news is that caffeine is helpful for migraines (coffee mug? check.) and smoking is bad for migraines (took Chantix, became someone who no longer smokes? check.). I think I'm going to live, and I am just grateful that I don't get the really bad kind because I'm starting to get it now how long it can last and how many un-fun stuff there is along the path of a migraine, even in my little sampling I'm experiencing. Please pass the coffee, hold the smokes.


  1. When I get migraines I get the stabbing thing and the nausea. I have found that 2 Aleve work best for me. Jeff swears by Excedrin Migraine.

    All in all I feel lucky that I don't get them that often or that bad. A friend of mine has migraines so bad she gets tunnel vision and is completely incapacitated - not good.

  2. Dude, I'm so glad you are going to live. Because I want to keep being friends with you!! <3

  3. Thanks, Tasina & Secret Agent Mama! By tomorrow, I think this will all be all better.

  4. I have to take medication to prevent my migraines. Mine usually are brought on by changes in the weather and hormones. I've been to the ER a few times for the good stuff, but usually Imitrex works for me. My worst Migraine lasted two weeks and I was so dizzy that I couldn't walk without falling down. (Which is why I now have to take preventative medication.)

    My aura is the same almost every time. I see little white floating lights in my vision, I get weak and dizzy and can feel a dull ache in my head. Sometimes I get the numbness in my limbs. If I take the Imitrex quickly, it usually doesn't get much worse, but if I don't have it with me, I'm out of commission anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

    Hope your feeling better soon. Have your honey give you a good head rub. Helps me sometimes..

  5. Lynda, even though I think I am all better now, I do think I'll ask for a head rub anyway because that sounds like heaven! Glad you found a way to keep the bad migraines at bay because even my way scaled down version was enough for me to know that I do not want the real kind.


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