Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 2/14/08

Today is smoke-free day 242, no matter where I am but even better being home.

Thirteen Things I'm Re-Remembering on Trip Home to Chicago
  1. Sleeping on planes is usually difficult.
  2. The earlier the the flight, the more annoying I find fellow passengers.
  3. Chicago is cold in winter.
  4. Every member of my family cranks the heat up to 8 million degrees because Chicago is cold in winter - in this sense, I've been too warm, mostly. (This one is actually new because I'm *always* too cold, until now.)
  5. White Castle really is wonderful. 3 cheeseburgers with rings is perfect. Otherwise 4 cheeseburgers and no rings since you can get rings anywhere. In a pinch and in case of accident due to prolonged absence, 4 cheeseburgers and rings is OK, too. Apparently.
  6. Pizza from where I call home will always be cut in squares, and I can still eat half a medium even while still too full from a miscalculation at the White Castle.
  7. Chicago gets ass loads of snow.
  8. Snow looks awesome while it is still pure and white.
  9. Snow loses any appeal if you have to shovel it (I haven't this trip) or when it gets dirty and/or slushy.
  10. Cars look like ass in Chicago's winters with that nasty grayish salty film. Still better than the concept of gravel in Portland where it kicks up and continues to chip or crack windshields months after that one little flurry hit.
  11. Being smart enough to wear the gym shoes and pack the slip ons pays off because otherwise snow really would have gotten in around the sides. Good think I'm a smartie pants/shoes person.
  12. Trees on the street where I grew up continue to grow from tiny when I was younger to huger each visit, no matter how many years you are gone, and it's always an amazing measuring stick of some sort I can't articulate.
  13. There's no place like home. It's Valentine's Day, and I've already done the love thing earlier this week, but it's still good to be home.

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  1. last year or the year before -- my life apparently is so crazed that I cannot keep track of my years, never mind the day or the date. Usually I know more or less what month it is...what was I talking about again? Oh, yeah, Chicago, either last March or the March before that (hey, see? I knew the month!) I went from Tucson to Chicago. It was so hot in the buildings we Tucsonans thought we were going to spontaneously combust. Apparently it's a rule to have the inside approximately 8497 degrees hotter than the outside in Chicago...

    I won't tell you about how when flying out of O'Hare there were microbursts in the area, so we taxied around the airport for four or five hours -- we were still being driven in circles around the taxiways of O'Hare when we supposed to be landing in Tucson. I hate it when people tell you horror stories about when they did something you are soon to do, like childbirth. I learned to nod and react like I was listening while inside I was going "shut the hell up! I do not want to hear about how you got (insert nasty painful horrifying childbirth ugh here) when you were pregnant! Can't you see I am pregnant and JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW.")

    Whoops. There's one of those tangents I do so well. Enjoy Chicago...and have a good Valentine's Day. No, have a great Valentine's Day. Sorry, I will shut up now...

  2. there is no place like home is there?

    Happy Valentines day and Happy Thursday Thirteen...mine is all about LOVE!!

  3. Going home is always...ummm...different. It's never quite how I remembered it...just a tad off center. Hope you enjoy your visit! Happy T-13!

  4. Awesome I've read so far today :)

  5. I feel a craving to slip on my red slippers ;-)

  6. Yay! A non-Valentine's TT !

    I so utterly agree with you about #1 and #2.

  7. Oh White Castle! Damn I want one now!! (Try the chicken sandwhich with a little mayo and hot sauce.)

  8. Great list you burger guzzling pizza snarfing shoe smartie! :) And happy Valentine's Day!


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