Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 2/28/08

Today is smoke-free day 256, and it's also time for Thursday Thirteen!

In honor of returning the Trekkies 2 dvd to Netflix since it didn't get here in time for Tom and I to watch it together before he left, and then mid-haiku it seemed poetically perfect for me to return it and wait until we can watching together, for this Thursday Thirteen I bring you...

The Next 13 Movies in My Netflix Queue:
(I shuffle these around constantly, so there is little chance that these will actually be the next 13 I rent, but taken as is from my list, here is a peek at the first of the 169 in my queue)
  1. Sweetland / Independent - Not sure when I added this to my queue or how I even found out about this movie, but it sounded really good, and Netflix said it was liked by others who, like me, enjoyed The Namesake (which I loved).
  2. Elizabethtown / Comedy - I saw this and gave it 4 stars, but the joy of being me is that I rarely remember movies beyond just whether I enjoyed them or not, so I'd like to watch it again to remember why I liked it.
  3. Train Man: Densha Otoko / Foreign (Japanese) - This looked cute, got decent reviews, and I do like watching Japanese movies and TV shows, even if my Japanese is bad enough that I rely heavily on the subtitles.
  4. Freedom Writers / Drama - I haven't seen this, it got decent reviews, and Netflix recommended it to me because I liked The Pursuit of Happyness, Remember the Titans, The Notebook, Erin Brockovich, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (one of my favorite movies).
  5. Run Lola Run / Foreign (German) - This one sounds spicy, hectic and just plain good to me, and I think Tom mentioned liking it at one point, too. Netflix recommended for me because I loved Secretary, Lost in Translation, Edward Scissorhands, American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Maria Full of Grace.
  6. Quinceanera / Independent - Another recommendation by Netflix that just sounded like it could be really good, and I look forward to seeing this one. Netflix recommended because I loved The Station Agent (I even posted about it awhile back) Pieces of April (a favorite of mine), Sherrybaby, Transamerica, Maria Full of Grace, Brokeback Mountian, Jesus Camp, and Born Into Brothels.
  7. Because I Said So / Comedy - Um, I can't tell you why that's in there other than that it sounded like it might be funny at some point. Maybe I'll keep it in there, maybe not. We'll see.
  8. Bridge to Terabithia / Children & Family - I really enjoyed this book and hope that the movie does it justice. The previews made it seem like a different story than the one I remembered loving, but previews are sometimes like that.
  9. Eurotrip / Comedy - Sometimes I really like the kind of comedy I think this will be. Netflix also said they recommended it to me because I liked American Pie, American Pie 2, Waiting... (I liked this more than I should admit), The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison (yes, a little Adam Sandler theme going).
  10. Kramer vs. Kramer / Drama - I remember seeing this in the theater when I was as young as I was in 1979, and I remember liking it then but haven't seen it since. Then Netflix reminded me about it with the recommendation thing because I liked Rain Man, An Officer and a Gentleman, When Harry Met Sally, Working Girl (another of my all-time favorites), and Big.
  11. Steel Magnolias / Drama - Remember when I said above that I remember whether or not I liked a movie but often not much else about it? Time to see this one again. That, and I have a friend who is always going on about getting Shelby some orange juice (or something like that) saying it's from this classic. It's also been recommended because I liked a long ass list of apparently similar movies such as Beaches, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pretty Woman, Ghost, Sleepless in Seattle, A League of Their Own and a bunch more...
  12. Kiss the Girls / Drama - Ooh, such a good book in a really good series. I can't imagine the movie being as good as the book, but I'll try it. Netflix also recommended it based on my enjoyment of The Green Mile, Sleeping with the Enemy and some others.
  13. Moonstruck / Romance - Somehow I have never seen this. I have picked it up a million times in the video store, pushed it further down in my Netflix queue but never actually watched it. Apparently Netflix thinks I'll like it because I liked Mask (*loved* it, actually), Nine to Five, The Color Purple, Bull Durham, and a bunch of other movies I've already listed somewhere above.
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  1. I was sad that Bridge to Terrabithia was not as good as the book --But i still liked it and Steel magnolias gets better each time i see it

  2. Moonstruck is my favorite. Love that movie cause Olympia Dukakis' character reminds me of my Mom's attitude about love. Steel Magnolias, good one. Olympia again. And Bridge to Terrabithia was not my fav because it was sad. jennifer

  3. I hated Bridge to Terrabithia but I suspect I'd hate the book too. Happy TT.

  4. Because I Said So is supposed to be Because its Awful

  5. I never watch all those movies before. Maybe because i don't watch too much :((

    Will you visit mine :D Thanks

  6. I'm definitely not a go to the movies kinda gal, don't like being in the dark with all those people and god only knows what icky stuff under seats, on the floors, etc - YUCK!
    Anyway, if it isn't on HBO, or Showtime it doesn't get watched, just don't have any interest in renting movies.

  7. I wish I were home curled up with a movie right now.

  8. Elisabethtown was so good! I want to watch it again now :)

  9. Great list. Run Lola Run experience. I LOVE Elizabeth town...I own that one and watch it really too much to admit!

  10. Steel Magnolias.......Ahhh I love it. Julia Roberts is the best anywho!!!!

  11. I've seen Kramer vs Kramer a long time ago. A very good film, but it would probably seem a bit dated today.

  12. I read Kiss The Girls and then saw the movie. It was a good movie, but the book was better.

    I've been wanting to read The Other Boleyn Girl and now that the movie is coming out, I need to get on that.


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