Thursday, February 21, 2008


For anyone keeping score (and because I feel like I should be *doing* something besides pacing inside my head, but I'm not allowed near scalpels and am halfway across the country, so I blog instead), the surgery was delayed by another few hours for another emergency, but my dad really did go in about two and a half hours ago (around 2:30PM Chicago time), so we should have good news within the next few hours. I, for one, will be wound just a wee bit less tight once we get to that phone call.

Many thanks to all who have sent along prayers and good thoughts. It's much appreciated.


  1. *Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts*


  2. I am sending good thoughts your way, and toward your dad in Chicago too...I am sorry that there were delays to prolong your anxiety. And I am impressed that you are dealing with a hugely stressful situation without smoking.


  3. Thank you, Tasina and Julie! Appreciated!


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