Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 2/10/08

The reason I bother waking up on Sundays: Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus!

Click for larger images (because they do look better full-sized) or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

Highlights of My Interpretation (and Slight Adaptation) of Rachel Ray's Sliced Steak Stroganoff in French Bread (aka Strogie-Hoagies) (click link for actual recipe - yes they changed the link after I posted this...)
Watercress (another first in my kitchen)Ingredients (dry vs. fresh dill, onion powder vs. onion)Butter, Olive Oil, Together in Heaven (and in my pan)

Strogie-Hoagies 1

Strogie-Hoagies 2

Strogie-Hoagies 3

Strogie-Hoagies 4

Strogie-Hoagies 5

Strogie-Hoagies 6
CookedMy Helper/Kitchen MuseBroth

Strogie-Hoagies 7

Strogie-Hoagies 8

Strogie-Hoagies 9
Making Yummy Even Yummier1/3 Cup Anything Good = 1/3 Rounded Cup Instead!Lemon Juice & Dill - Almost Done!

Strogie-Hoagies 10

Strogie-Hoagies 11

Strogie-Hoagies 12
The Hoagie, NakedThe Hoagie, DressedThe Hoagie Dressed, Accessorized

Strogie-Hoagies 13

Strogie-Hoagies 14

Strogie-Hoagies 15

Me, Ready for Lunch, Perpetually

Me, Ready for Lunch


  1. YUM! You're always makin' me hungry!

    And you're so frickin' cute. I love the kitchen helper/muse!

  2. Oh, nice. I just gained two pounds by looking at those pictures! :-)

    Great post, that looks really yummy!

    My post here. Happy WW day!

  3. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm mmmmM mmmmm!! Now I'm all hungry!

  4. Mmmm, mmm looks good. I have about a gazillion rachael ray cookbooks laying around here maybe i should try cracking one open.

    Also LOVE the kitchen helper (s)he is adorable i miss our big black kitty!

  5. I call no fair. Do you know how hungry these photos made me?

  6. Yummo!
    Those photos are delicious.
    Love the kitchen help you have there too.

  7. I'm starving. For real. Skipped dinner and all I can think of is pb&j, and I NEED ONE OF THESE.

  8. oh. my. god! I WANT ONE!! great pice :D

  9. I bet that would be good using chicken too! Great photos!!

  10. delicious oh why did I stop here before bed !
    These are great photos - you should be a food photographer.
    Yes Cruel LOL.
    Sob - I love your Cat too.

  11. That's awesome! What a great story you told.

  12. I'm going have to try this one. It looks so yummy!

  13. ooh, I love food shots and these are delicious! I can smell them. Gotta go, time for lunch!

  14. I couldn't find any decent steak at the grocery store this morning. Bummer. Hoagies will have to wait a day or two. :-(

  15. Oh, man, great photos and ooh that food looks really really tasty. I should have had lunch before I checked out your photos...

  16. all of a sudden, i'm hungry!!!!

    cool photos.

  17. Mouth...watering *drool*

    That looks fabulous! How did I miss that on Rachael Ray?

  18. I love looking at your pictures each week - I always save your site for one of my last ones because your pictures are so great!

    These are all fantastic - and I love the kitchen helper!

  19. Yummy!!! What a great WW roundup. I love food, I'll have to come back for sure!

  20. I can smell the steak sizzeling, I swear!

  21. That recipe looks BOMB! What I wouldn't give for a home cooked meal! I need a momma, a maid or a wife to swing by and prepare something for me! Trouble in my second mom's best dish is Top Ramen! I think I will need to order out something good!

  22. Making Yummy Even Yummier. That one rocks :P And yes, cute kitty! :)

  23. That looks like a little bit of wonderful! I really try not to eat after the kids go to bed (8ish).....don't know if I will make it tonight. Those are awesome!

    Thanks for visiting my winners.

  24. I ccould come to your weekly winners totally full and leave starved. but its all good. great photos

  25. Great idea for a series of photos. And great photos, too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  26. Looks delicious! That's a great way to share a recipe!

  27. Yippee! I made it today. We all ate it and cursed as the meat kept falling out of the loaf of french bread that I did a horrible job of cutting. I looked like a two year old with food all over my fingers and face. LoL. Was very yummy, though!


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