Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 2/17/08

My visit home to Chicago version of my Weekly Winners, with thanks again to Lotus for hosting this great idea.

Click for larger images (because they do look better full-sized) or take a peek at the entire album at once and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

Earlier in the pre-Chicago trip, I made this easy, yummy and somewhat healthy-ish One-Pan Chicken Parmigiana (click link for recipe - yes, this is the fourth time mentioned - it's that good!)

What I Crave

Connected to My Past

The Creek (where as a child I ice skated, sledded over it, too!)

Pizza, Real Pizza


Icicle Kind of Cold

One Good Doggy

Relaxing with a Friend


  1. These are great.
    I love the frozen lake and the pizza and the icicle... I love them all really.

    Just wanted to ask, What is White Castle?

  2. The food ones are scrumptious. You make me crave pizza. Alas, I will have to make some today!

    As for the self portrait, the lazing, the connections to the past...I love them all...dearly!! You are a treasure, ya know!

  3. You brought a little bit of home to me too Maggie, thanks!

  4. Like that bridge shot. And you know, I've never eaten at a White Castle. I think if we ever hit a part of the country that has one, I'm going to have to try.

    Have a good week!

  5. That last picture is great. Glad your trip home has been good.

  6. Great pictures. I love the ones of the creek and the bridge! Looks very similar to the creek that runs in the subdivision behind my house!

  7. love the bridge picture...and the first one made me hungry.

  8. I love the creek shots - and the one relaxing with the dog is awesome!

  9. pizza.....mmmmmmmmmm

    i love the bridge shot.

  10. I like the creek and the self-portrait. I also think the food pics may have blown my diet! It looked good!

  11. Man, now I want to eat something, and I am not even hungry. Great photos. I love the creek. They are all great!!!

  12. Yum. Chicken Parmesan is my favorite all time food! Now I know what I'm making tomorrow for dinner. Thanks!

    I love the bridge picture. Glad your trip went well.

  13. I love the bridge! :-)

    I'm going to make that chicken parmigiana when John gets home again. YUM.

  14. Nice photos, I like the bridge and the icicle!

  15. Great pictures again maggie, the food looks so yummie, and I love the icicle and the bridge!
    See you!

  16. You are much prettier than the guy who asked me to lunch today. Not smoking looks healthy on you.

  17. yay! food shots! I love the bridge one. beautiful light and composition. thanks!


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