Thursday, March 27, 2008

Balls. Balance. Rings. Patience.

Today is smoke-free day 283, and I'm willing to participate in my health beyond just not doing what I shouldn't have been doing anyway. Balls. Dammit.

You know the balance ball I bought with good intentions (since I don't do the gym and have gained roughly 20 pounds since quitting smoking)? That ball has been sitting in my living room since I bought it a couple weeks back. I did blow it up that night (well, with the pump - my lungs aren't quite *that* good), and I have been looking at it from the couch when I avert my eyes momentarily from my ER marathon (I'm pacing myself since I only own up to Season Four with still some time before my birthday. Hint. Hint. Wait, never mind, I'd prefer the ring, if, you know, I get to pick and choose).

(I admit. I've sat and bounced on the ball just to do it partly for fun, partly out of guilt, then just rolled the bitch back to its lonely corner.)

Anyway. Over the weekend I did what I could remember from that Pilates class I took a lifetime ago for a few months, and I've been eating healthy stuff in reasonable amounts, so in that spirit last night I walked down to the fitness center at our apartment complex after months of thinking about it. I was ready. After trying every imaginable key on my keyring, I couldn't get in. So I walked back, scrounged up some additional random keys from drawers in my apartment, drove back over there (yah, drove). Same results. Maybe my key is expired on account of neglect or lack of use or something.

Not to be discouraged, I went shopping. Something about needing new walking shoes (all that walking with the ladies, still 1 to 2 miles daily, which amazes me because it's effortless now). But I bought nothing, came home, broke out one of the DVDs that came with my new friend, "The Ball" and spent 40 minutes actually following along as best I could. It wasn't too bad, but I was thankful I had no audience because while I know a lot about balls, I'm still working on the whole balance aspect. It's odd to say that torture was enjoyable, but it was enjoyable. Something about a huge purple ball makes it all fun.

Overall, I've been feeling great about this whole making an effort to not keep growing my ass and to be healthier in general. Except that I'm still actually gaining weight. And that's kind of annoying. You all know that I'm being anal and tracking every bit of all of this, so I'll give it some time (as in longer than just these few days), and I'll adjust as needed. I have so very little patience, so to me the idea that I'm even considering any of this should make 10 pounds instantly disappear because I'm 3 years old like that.


  1. Yea for you! I tried the whole balance ball strengthen your core thing and couldn't stay on the damn thing. Now I just bounce around a step that I can't balance on either.

    Seriously, though. Good for you. Just a suggestion, though - if you end up with a new pair of tenny runners (apparently I'm still 3yrs old, too) don't go all out in those suckers until you break them in. I know from experience and it doesn't feel good. Ha.

  2. Hey good for you!
    I was looking at that little 9.99 ball (the smaller one) I tried the big ball exactly once at the gym and was so embarrassed I never tried it again.
    I know I have already gained some. But for me, I'm not ready to go back on the diet yet. I thought I would be this week, but I'm not yet. I'm shooting for next week and will keep on at the gym

  3. What's this put MamaFlo to shame stuff?
    Exercise?? Do any of you wear a bikini.........naw, don't answer that, I'll be jealous..........naw, no I won't, at 53 the time for wearing a bikini has come and gone a few times over. My body isn't bad but it ain't a bikini body anymore either ;)

  4. Ha! The last time I wore a bikini, I was 2 months pregnant with my daughter. Now I sport the tankini.

  5. Ok, I am gaining weight too....actually not gaining, GAINED! Around 20 lbs in five months! I am ready to change this aspect of my life also. I mean, if I can give up cigarettes, I can do anything! My next blog will really address the fitness or lack of fitness aspect of my life. I am glad I am not the only one who is thinking about this issue.

  6. I've been looking into buying one of those balls soon - heard they were really expensive though. Perhaps a good reward for when i decide to butt out.

    It's awesome that you're venturing out and getting healthy. I bet the pounds begin to melt off just in time for summer :)

    BTW: The part about driving to the apartment gym/keys had me lmao.

  7. I bought the ball, I tried for a couple of weeks to balance on the damn thing. I ended up going down in my back and I shoved it in the corner and haven't touched it again.
    Good for you, exercising and eating right. Or atleast trying to do all of it. I am so ashamed of myself.*pout*


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