Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Extremely Random Tuesday

Today is smoke-free day 268, and I'm sleep deprived. Still. I can't blame it on the silly spring forward thing, either. I stayed up too late. Then the cats tormented me in the wee hours. One sat under the desk ('cuz, you know, I'm sleeping in the computer room these days) growling loudly enough to wake me up and wouldn't stop. Anytime either of the other two walked by, she'd break out her crab salad sandwich at them (which woke me up). Of course, they were amused as hell and kept walking by so that she'd unleash the crab again (which woke me up. again.). I think they plan this stuff in advance to make me turn (more) batshit and test my limits.

A Bit Random. UPS attempted to deliver something to me yesterday. I have no clue what it could be or from whom. Curiosity is just killing me. Maybe it will be cat sedatives. I'm just kidding. I'm the kind that will stay in an uncomfortable position for hours so as not to disturb a cozy kitty. Then again, I usually don't feel like they are testing me...

Truly Completely Random. I find it annoying, looking back, that I had to actually pay money (my own money, over the course of many years past graduation) to take PE classes in college that cost as much as all of the other useless relevant courses that were actually related to my useful irrelevant majors. This occurred to me while on my walk with the ladies this morning and realizing during our conversation that I still suck at tennis. I won't even get into the whole lack of physical ability playing into a PE grade in high school that impacted my GPA (remind me someday to tell that story of fighting city hall and actually winning). Now I'm all fired up. Maybe the mystery box will contain relaxation CDs and an aromatherapy candle (better yet, somehow in some safe way, a masseuse, folded up read small and tucked in there with a little table that expands into the real deal when you add water).

Fairly Random. Remember the whole silly itchy nose and sneezing thing I had going on? I'm still convinced that it was *not* related to the Chantix but was possibly one of those oddities that cropped up after quitting smoking. Every time I've quit, it seems I've inherited something strange - acid reflux (yes, I know smoking makes it worse, but it only started when I stopped a few quits ago), the weird difficulty breathing heart flutteries thing (which actually did go away on its own, thankfully), and other random wierdities. I used to use these kind of oddball things (and weight gain - boy. howdy.) as an excuse, but I'm getting to old to play games with myself anymore and just need to stay done smoking, period. In any case, all I was trying to say is that back in October or so my doctor put me on whatever is generic for Flonase for I guess pretty generic allergy like symptoms, and it seemed to help with the nose thing, which is great, except that I really have no desire to be on any medication that isn't necessary, and the doctor didn't think I technically had allergies anyway (no, I don't get it, either, it's all good), so I'm seeing how I do if I don't take it. Hopefully I'm "cured."

That last one was in no way related to my mystery box. If you've read this far, you are as nutty as I am. Nice to meet you!


  1. I read it to the end. We both rock. I wonder what you got?? I'd be dying to know. When are you getting it? Woo hoo!

  2. Mystery box...hopefully it's everything you ever dreamed of & more. Or at least something cool. I finally caught up to current on your blog, yay!
    Get some sleep tonight!
    I'm going to try and keep my mind occupado until bedtime, but I'm on the other side--I could fall asleep right now, how sad is that? This whole not smoking thing is zapping my energy.

  3. Turns out it was a coffee mug. Several weeks ago I had to either use or lose points earned in some online thing I do, and I' went with the mug because it wasn't as lame as the t-shirt. Now I have a lame mug ;)

  4. Well at least the mystery is solved. Better than some random bill certified or something!

  5. Well at least the mystery is solved. Better than some random bill certified or something!

  6. I read it through so I must be crazy too (and I already knew this much - hahahahaaaaheee)!


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