Friday, March 28, 2008

Haiku Friday 3/28/08

Haiku Friday


New Honey Latte
at a Starbucks with drive-thru,
weak moment, gave in...

...O M G Yum EE!!
Replicating at home fails.
Starbucks bastards win.


If we stopped to think
about the whole big ass scope
we would pee our pants.

Gah, "the apartness"
Four months? Ten months? More? or Less?
Much uncertainty.

We are this far in,
now in two different places,
decisions looming.

Thankfully for us
we've tabled the decisions
until we have facts.

Overall, mostly
I'm actually doing fine,
just doing my thing.

Sometimes we freak out
but then we just remember:
We will be OK.


is just a four letter word.
(OK... it's fifteen.)

Would *love* to say more
right about here, but, you know,
unsaid is better.


Haven't stopped counting,
today is day two-eight-five (285)*
no stinky smoking.

*more bad math. again. recounted. changed.

In honor of that
I think it's high time for some
Honey Latte joy!


And Happy Friday.
The week has effing ended.
At very long last.


  1. I still haven't perfected the Peppermint Mocha on my own yet. Yum, and the White Chocolate Mocha. I might have to go for a quick fix...

  2. Ooohh, on my way to buy a honey latte! Sounds fabulous.

    Happy Friday, M!

  3. I wish I could have Honey Latte Joy with you, my dearest Maggie!

  4. that honey latte is pretty dang good!

  5. I believe we are getting a Starbucks with a drive thru around here this summer. It will be a good way. ;) Right now most days the only thing that keeps me from going is having to take the kids in and out of the car for a coffee. Oh a drive thru.... *cough...clears throat* Sorry about that I got a little distracted.

    Congrats for quitting smoking as well! That's great!! I know how difficult it is, but so worth the struggle.

  6. A honey latte??? That sounds amazing! Now I want one. I can't remember the last time I was at Starbucks. Hmmm.
    Keep up the good non-smoking work!

  7. really? it's good? i have been afraid to try it (i'm already addicted to cinnamon dolce as it is...)

  8. Tantalizing thought
    ‘honey latte’ calling me
    but it’s much too late

    for a Starbuck’s now.
    Maybe Saturday I’ll set
    Up a ‘coffee’ meet ;--)

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. A honey latte, huh? I hope the apartness is only temporary. I did it for four years. It's doable.

  10. I think I am the only person in the world who hates starbucks...they are evil and must be destroyed...


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