Saturday, March 08, 2008

Haiku Friday 3/7/08

Haiku Friday


Two-Six-Four days quit,
becoming a non-smoker
day by day by day


Spring forward Sunday
another hour of light
that I'll still squander

It's so confusing
too ponder it too deeply
so I won't do that

That hour of sleep
on loan (*so* against my will)
until November

Then in November,
the fun begins all over
adjusting again

Really, now, people
wouldn't it be easier
to pick one damn time?

OK, I'll admit
it's really not all that bad
just kind of nutty

Longer days are nice
and I'll like it when it's here,
just making a fuss


Thank God it's Friday
I thought the week wouldn't end.
Now, can it be 5?


  1. Spring forward is this Sunday? I hate spring forward -- I hate to have an hour of my time taken from me. It's funny, I never mind fall back! It's always a relief to find extra time! Great haiku, btw.

  2. After three years in Arizona -- where they will not do daylight savings. The last thing you want in an Arizona summer is to push back sunset. It's so damn hot it's a huge relief when the sun goes down. Really they should do a reverse daylight savings in Arizona -- fall back in the spring, so that sunset is earlier by an hour. That would make sense in this insane climate.

    I don't miss daylight savings at all. Does it really save money? And are they shortening the non-savings portion of the year?

    Great haiku.

  3. Yeah, it's crazy... But, the kids are going to love it!!

  4. this sunday...already!? holy cow...we just fell back!!
    have an awesome weekend...hope it goes slowly for you!

  5. While I'm glad for the extra sunlight, daylight savings time always messes with my boys' sleep. It really sucks trying to get them to adjust. NOT looking forward to it. BUT I AM looking forward to spring. And DST is definitely a sign of spring. Weehoo!!!

  6. for the first time i won't be bothering to spring forward... no time change here. and while i never minded springing forward, falling back was a whole different thing.

  7. I don't really understand the daylight savings time thing. I especially don't understand why some random states get to say "we're not doing it" but the rest of us sheep just follow along.

    And Julie - I just read an article that says it actually costs money. Boo.

  8. spring forward is soooo annoying. i hate giving up that extra hour of sleep!

  9. Seriously. I hate spring forward. Last year it really wasn't all that bad b/c I was sooo pregnant and grumpy that it didn't really make it worse. This year ... ugh.

  10. You’re to be commended on your achievement … day by day! Thanks for the reminder about Daylight Savings Time and I concur. We should pick a time and stick with it … forevermore!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. I feel the same way about springing forward. I adore this time of year, but the time change throws the girls into a tailspin of sleeping weird hours.

  12. Hear Hear! This bugger bites you in the arse twice a year!

  13. Oh, but I love the sun in the evenings!


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