Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Fairly Normal

Today is smoke-free day 269. For so long I felt like a smoker who was consciously trying not to be one at every turn throughout the day. It took some mental work having to constantly battle the cravings/urges/tuggings/whispers all day long, but I'm thinking it was all worth it. Today I just feel like someone who used to smoke, but not recently, and *not* smoking actually feels fairly normal now instead of like some cruel self-imposed injustice. Of course, I'm also not currently sitting in a smoky room with a smoker next to me and a drink in my hand, so that also helps...

Um, yah, for now, that's about all I've got, and on a whiny, self-absorbed and melancholic day full of drivel in my brain piece like today, all of the above is enough, plenty even (yes, I'm sparing you the details because I like you and because I'm just not really fit for public consumption, just trust).


  1. Congrats at getting feeling normal when you're not smoking. As boring as that sounds, it makes a world of difference when you hit that stage in your quit.

  2. Sorry you're having a blue week.


    It's not a week filled with stinky blue cigarette smoke haze and that's an amazing thing. Because you are amazing for coming this far on your journey.

    Chin up young person.

    *p.s. we are open for venting all week and the cut rate price of FREE*



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