Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Scotsman Saved the Day!

(If you are looking for my Friday Haiku for today, it's just below, but I couldn't leave well enough alone today.)

Just stick with me. This ends happy.

So I get in the car this morning, big ass zit on my chin and tears rolling down my face scring-ing (scream-singing) to Carrie Underwood "All-American Girl" because that song strikes me right where I live and makes me wish against fate unfair to the point of utter heartbreak. I looked like a complete mess, glossy cry-eyes and whatnot, headed into work, but I didn't care. I like songs that make me feel, even if sometimes that feeling happens to be sadness. I'm human. I bleed. I feel. I cry. All this just means that I am alive and experiencing life!

But I also laugh. Heartily. With Vigor. I love to laugh.

The next song played was one that I also *always* turn way up and sing at the top of my lungs, but it's because because it's Entirely Too Much Fun! I'd bet many of you have heard this song called "The Scotsman." I wanted to both share it with y'all in case you need a boost and also put it here for safekeeping for the next time I need a boost, but nothing prepared me for the version I found on YouTube - this song, performed by... The Sims2 (me? love the Sims2! Just saw there will be a Sims3 in 2009).

Oh. Dear. God. in. Heaven. I was clearly meant to smile today, PMS emotional wacky train and big zit on my chin and all. If you haven't heard this masterpiece, do listen through to the end. If you need the lyrics for the full experience, they are here. Otherwise get someplace where it's safe to turn up the speakers, clap along and get into the whole "Ring-ding didle lidle la deo, Ring dye didley eye oh" thing that will be in your head all day (my gift to you for the day; you're welcome) and that you'll sing aloud before the day ends.


  1. Thanks for sharing, made me laugh.
    I'm sorry you're having such a shitty Friday Maggie, is there anything we can do over the internet to make you smile? I'd show you my saggy boobs but I think you'd cry for me instead of laugh.

  2. Thanks, MamaFlo. My point was that I'm actually in an *excellent* mood today.

  3. Loved the song. Hate the Sims, my girl has so many houses and people on it my computer takes FOREVER to do a virus scan! I guess if I could play it from time to time, it might be better! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. ZapZyt works wonders. No, they don't pay me. :)

    Love Carrie Underwood! I sing along with her, too.

  5. Justmylife, I sometimes have to weed out some of my Sims junk.

    Thanks, Lynda! You, too!

    Good tip, Ashley!

  6. You're such a loon - which is what makes you cool as all hell.

    We will have to avoid speaking of music for this friendship to continue.

    Beatles dude...srsly...kthxbai.

  7. Since I have nothing else to do in the car anymore I sing too! I go from extremes like Manson to Amy Grant though. I haven't listened to the radio in a while so I, person who lives in a cave, don't have a clue what's pop.

  8. Hope you're feeling better today, M! I have days like this now and then...zit and'll do it to a girl.

  9. Oh Dear God,

    I know I'm way behind. I love All-American girl; I do the whole screaming and driving thing daily and to that song at least every-other day. I cannot believe that they play the Scotsman song on the radio by never made it off my Dr. Demento CD in Chicago (at least in my lifetime.)


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