Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 3/20/08

Today is smoke-free day 277, and if I continue not smoking, I'm statistically more likely to have a lot more birthdays (unless things go wrong anyway; it happens). Just in case, and since we are approaching that great day when the world remembers and rejoices in the idea that I was born, here are...

13 Things on My Amazon Wish List:


A Gallon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
. Even paying for shipping, this is a
steal (works out to $0.22/ounce, not that I have a comparison spreadsheet
pricelist or anything). I love EVOO. And good deals. (next best deal is

this one

The Complete Tightwad Gazette
by Amy Dacyczyn. This book has gotten so


on some of the money blogs I read, as well as on Amazon, and I
would like to add it to

my list of money stuff I like
. I also recently cooked this wonderfully
frugal, yummy and healthy Brown
Rice and Lentil Casserole
said to be from this book, so I'm sold.

Shall We Dance
I haven't seen the American version remake and have no
desire to do so because so much of why I just *loved* this movie was because
of the story told within the context of Japanese culture.


Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8
I own Season One through Season Four, and I've taken some time
during "the
" to start watching ER from the beginning. I'm currently
mid-Season Two, and now I remember why I loved this show so much. The first
seasons had so very much heart. At some point they lost that, but I'd like
to watch them all to see just where they went off track because I still
watch, but now just out of habit.

Spices Jigsaw Puzzle

Mixed Pasta Puzzle
I like jigsaw puzzles a lot. And spices. And pretty

The Mandoline
(say it with me with drama in the voice, accent strongly
on last syllable: Maaaahn Dough Leeaan - wasn't that fun?). Even if I linked
to a different one the other day during my

make-believe cooking show
just as an example, this is the one I think I
actually want.

I can't explain why I am so drawn to this movie, but it always
touches me profoundly somehow, and I always love when stories are well woven
together (Grand Canyon and Crash were two that did it brilliantly, but this
one is a little different). And I've developed a girl crush on super cute
Elizabeth Banks.

Eau d'Eden
I tried this once when duty-free shopping because they didn't
have Armani's Aqua di Gio (that a friend had introduced me to - I know
nothing about fancy perfumes), and this seemed similar enough that I tried
it. Then I decided I liked it even more because it was still delicate but
with a longer lasting scent. I haven't owned either in many years because I
can't justify the cost. That's why God made birthdays.

Water Purification Packets
You know? Sometimes you just never know. I am
a safety girl. I'd like these. Just in case.

Cat. Litter. Everywhere. Plus? I'm. A. Clutz.

Rapture of Canaan
I read this book years ago, and I still remember how
powerful it is. Religious cults are scary, and while I don't remember
exactly what happens in the story, I do remember that the author made it
very easy to relate to the characters and their experiences.

The Book of Kimono

Blue and White Japan
, and

The Japanese Bath
. I could sit and look at these pictures and remember
beautiful Japan all day long. I also used to take kimono lessons and would
love to remember.

Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago

Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago
because I'm
fascinated but in a sad and troubled way by this kind of thing, growing up a
stones throw away from such a different life experience. I find this kind of
thing heartbreaking, yet I find ignorance to be even worse than that.
(OK, well,
maybe there is just one more thing on my list...)

This Ring
('nuff said)

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  1. You crack me up. What a great list. I would love to re-watch ER from the beginning. And not just for the whole Clooney drool factor. I really did love that show for a time.

  2. That's a very entertaining reminder that Amazon sells more than books!

  3. Ooh - very pretty ring. And how much do I love that my new favorite cooking show host has extra virgin olive oil at the top of her Amazon wishlist? You are a strange, strange woman, and I like that very much.

  4. Love the list! My favorite is the spice puzzle. I love to put puzzles together and then glue and frame them. My house is decorated that way. The spice puzzle would make a perfect addition to the kitchen!

  5. Those puzzles look kewl. Of course, the ring is gorgeous. Hope you get it. Happy T13!

  6. I love this list...though now I'm in a cooking mood, which is odd because I'm not big on cooking!

    I hope you get everything on your list, and a very happy birthday!

  7. OMG yes yes yes to #3!!! I LOVED that movie, the original and saw it soon after I'd moved back to the states from Japan. Sigh...

    Aqua di Gio, lol, that's a blast from the past for me. I think I still might have a bottle around somewhere :-)

    I also have Blue & White Japan :-)

  8. Love everything about your TT Maggie!!!

  9. Goodness! Good thing you put the bling last, I was totally distracted and lost my train of thought soon after :) It's gorgeous!

  10. Fun list Maggie, thanks for stopping by mine as well. I'll take some of the EVOO as well, I love good EVOO!

    Happy TT!

  11. Hmmm, ok, when is the actual birthday??? :)

  12. Great list! The mandoline would be on my list too!
    See you on Sunday, happy Easter!


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