Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 3/6/08

13 things Tom did that I appreciate even more given the current temporary "apartness" status
(sappy alert, but I just don't care)
  1. Being My Protector While I Sleep. I can't sleep in our bed without Tom, so I've taken up nocturnal residence on the floor (atop layers and layers of blankets and even a couple of sleeping bags) of the computer room where I feel safer instead of on a real bed in our actual bedroom. I can't explain. It does remind me happily of my Japan days, though, when I slept on my super comfy futon (the kind without the frame, mattress on the floor, like "futon light," I suppose). Apparently my lovey orange kitty that adopted me while we were in Japan feels the same way (see picture above, and click to *really* see it).
  2. Cat boxes. For all 3 cats, including one who is a little spotty on the whole covering every time thing. Ew.
  3. Mail. This requires actually leaving the apartment to go get bills and junk mail I don't even want (well, other than the Arby's coupons).
  4. Garbage. The whole process from out of the can to it's new home down the lane for eventual pick up. (Mysteriously, though, the can also doesn't overflow by something like one fast food drink cup lid with straw attached...)
  5. Coffee. By whichever of the entirely too many methods available for brewing coffee in my home. At least this one is rewarding to someone like me even if I'll never make it as good as my sweet man-let.
  6. Water and Snack Service. All for the cost of one kiss, and now it's gone, all gone, until the end of "the apartness" if I'm not dehydrated and fully starved by then (Confession: I figure the energy it takes for me to get it myself means I'm burning more calories and can, therefore, by Maggie Math, have a bigger snack when I do go)
  7. Silly Song Listening. My silly songs ranging in topics from cats to bad smells, from biscuits to fish, are all met with no response. At all. *crickets chirping* (Don't be fooled into thinking that this stops me from singing)
  8. My Day Listening. Cussful and colorful recaps of my day go unappreciated by the meow faces. They might look like they are listening sometimes, but I know they don't get it. As long as I keep bringing home the kibble, they care not what my day was like. Talking to Tom while I cooked dinner was a highlight of my day, and it's also really hard to give him little samples as I cook over the phone.
  9. Snack Buddy. This is probably for the best. At 11:47 PM on a school night when I am just *dying* for a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito from TBell, there is no one to go with me. So I stay home. And make my own damn snack. Or just go to sleep.
  10. Being My TV Companion. The handful of shows that we both enjoy and watched together aren't the same anymore. One of them, I don't think I'm allowed to say, but the series premier is happening soon, and it's one of my favorite shows in the world that I got Tom to watch and (secretly) maybe even enjoy a little. It's geek-related and on the WB. I've said too much. Shh.
  11. Face Making. Tom makes great faces and would let me assign them names so that I could request certain ones based on whim or when I needed an instant pick me up. I miss those. A lot.
  12. Being the Dotee. We both dote on each other, and I really miss running around doing things to make him smile, like cooking for him and knowing that I'd found a new special place in his heart. That said, I get to put the onions he hates back in all of my recipes, and that's not an all bad thing...
  13. Hand Holding. We can talk, look at pictures, text, fax or mail stuff if we wanted, but there's no way around this one. I'd give my eye teeth and 5 days' worth of lattes (that's big for me, very, very, [colorful word here], big) for just one touch of those soft hairs on his hands.
Today is smoke-free day 263, and I'm still counting.

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  1. hope you two will be together again soon :)

  2. Bittersweet. I have only been to your blog today so I don't know the situation, but hope it works out as you wish.

    Good list!

  3. I'm so sorry this separation is so difficult. Hopefully you will both use the time apart to grow, absence is important in the grand scheme of most lasting relationships.

  4. Yes, I know what you mean!
    I'm going to have to miss my hubby for half a week at the end of the month and I'm really NOT looking forward to that!
    I hope you'll soon be back together again!

  5. Awwww. The way you talk, you two are an awesome couple. I'm envious of you and feel for you. I might have missed this at some point, but how long is he away for? I hope it's not too much longer.

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    No clue how long it will be - 2 months? 9 months? More? Less?

    Thankfully for both of us, I am very much self-sufficient (and I actually *enjoy* having some time to myself to just do my thing - not sure I'll need as much time as I might get, but for now, that part still rocks), so I'm more than fine but also just missing my man because I'm appreciating even more how wonderful it will be when this chapter gives way to the one where we live under the same roof again because we enjoy each other's company.

    Also, just in case, I truly didn't mean for this to come across as all sad if it did - knowing that there are brave and strong military families out there with longer absences, further distance and more uncertainty, ours is such teeny tiny small potatoes that I can't even bring myself to actually complain about this plan that we chose carefully (and, it turns out, wisely) of our own volition, and I keep that in mind daily.

  7. Awww Miss M. What a great list. I feel sad for you...but also happy because it's all for good things. *hug*

  8. Thanks, Tasina! Yep, definitely worthwhile for good reasons.

  9. Great list, it's amazing what you miss when your partner is gone. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Oh - grats on the no smoking - I'm working on my third year and still think about it sometimes.

  10. I don't think this is sappy at all! I think it is very sweet. It sounds like you guys have a really great relationship (any guy who will go with you to TacoBell at midnight is a keeper!).

  11. Aww hun- I've been there, done that.... ex-military. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder... I always said "Pbllllttttttttt" Pffft *rolls eyes*!
    Hang in there..... this too shall pass- hopefully soon and you two can be together again!

  12. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... just keep sending out love vibes to your love..

  13. That is so sweet. I know it is hard to miss him so much, but isn't it nice to have someone so lovely to miss?

  14. Thanks, emerald! Glad to hear three years is possible ;)

    Julie, yes, no sure which one is more at fault on the midnight TBell excursions, but we both go.

    AwtemNymf, that would have to be so much tougher. Military folks have my total respect.

    Thanks, Mishi, I'm sending, I'm sending (squeezing eyes together).

    Kathryn, so very true and such a good point. If Tom was icky, I wouldn't miss him at all, but he's not, and that's good! :)

  15. Awww Maggie just goes to show how you just love your man ;-)

  16. I still don't really understand why Tom had to work out of town but maybe absence is making the heart grow fonder. It sounds like you miss him a lot! I miss reading your blog...I have been super busy but I have a week comming up for vacation and then I will catch up with everyone.

  17. Hey Maggie I know what you mean about not sleeping in the bed. I've been with my hubby for 35+ years and when he has to work out of town, I can't sleep in the bed. It's hard to explain, but I just feel scared there. I always sleep on the couch when he's gone. :)

    I hope that the time goes by quickly for you. Hang in there.

  18. Oh, saccharine OD!!! Help! ;-) (just kidding!)

    Love the pic of the cat, how adorable :-)


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