Tuesday, April 22, 2008

8 Directions

Today is smoke-free day 310, and Heads or Tails today is all about HEADS - Direction, and there are so very many directions I could go with this.

Since I've also been tagged by MamaFlo for an 8 Random Things meme and am all about efficiency (see below), I'm doing two for the price of one by listing 8 things. It's not entirely random since all 8 are related to direction, but with my love of tangents, it's random enough. Trust.
  1. I can take direction, but I tend to resent it when I am micromanaged because it's both annoyingly condescending as well as ridiculously inefficient (and generally bad for business, anyway). 'Nuff said.
  2. I am one of those who really and truly does tend to read the directions before using something new or assembling something or taking a prescription. I'm convinced I've saved myself potential injury or harm or embarrassment by doing so.
  3. I am currently all about using Google Maps for directions because I can get lost going any further than just across the street. I'm fickle. I used to use Yahoo! Maps, but I've never really been a fan of Mapquest. No clue why. I still get lost (and write entirely too long and meandering posts) no matter what maps I print out anyway.
  4. Related to the need to use Google Maps beyond going across the street, this is because in certain cities, completely unlike other cities where I do fine, I have no sense of direction. For example, I had trouble living in cities (in particular, the wonderful Quad Cities that I still miss sometimes) where the Mississippi river runs East and West instead of North and South. Now, tell me that wouldn't mess with your head.
  5. My mind is constantly running in about 80 directions all at once, but I can usually keep things straight. I consider it a multi-tasking thing. I could just go grocery shopping, or I could grocery shop while also chipping away at something like resolving within myself deep seated issues related to guilt and self-forgiveness slowly over time. I'm all about efficiency. Apparently.
  6. My philosophy is that there are merits to both living life with direction as well as living life without direction, and a decent balance of both is a very good thing. I have some longer term personal, spiritual, fitness, financial and just "other" goals that I am working toward while still living my life day by day, stopping to allow myself to sometimes be distracted by "ooh, pretty colors" that also catch my eye as long as they won't completely and irretrievably derail the longer term goals. Make sense?
  7. Not to pick on foreign accents, but when I was teaching English in Japan and we came to the lesson about giving directions, I always giggled a little on the inside about how "turn right at the light" sounded when r's and l's are pronounced pretty much the same way so that it sounded like the same word twice. Of course, I then went about the rest of my day in their country (unintentionally) butchering their language at every turn.
  8. Living on the Left Coast in Oregon is kind of weird for a Midwestern gal like me because to folks way out here, the direction of pretty much everything else in our whole entire country is "back east." This includes my dear sweet Tom, who I will be seeing somewhat soon during a highly anticipated (read: peeing my pants with excitement) but all too brief respite from from this dratted "apartness" (undisclosed date and location for my own personal security reasons because I'm a safety girl like that, but there will be mention and pictures once it's occurred, I promise).
I'm not tagging anyone, but definitely anyone is welcome to play, and if you do, here are the rules:

The Rules:

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  1. Great list. I think the Mississippi river flowing east-west would mess with my head, too. Actually, I have great directions in Tucson, can figure out which direction is which by glancing at the mountains (Zach's friend can figure out directions by imagining where he is in relation to his kitchen. Which I find weird.). Except that somehow I cannot get it into my head that I live in the SE corner of Tucson, and that if you go south to the freeway and head left you are headed toward Texas. Or California. Wait. It's California.

    I can't believe I am going to have to look this up...No. It's California. Okay, wait. Going left would be ... ... ... east so that's Texas.

    Geesh. I do not know why I cannot wrap my brain around that...

    Whoops. Vomited my complete lack of directional skill all over your comments!

    And I forgot to mention in my last post that I really do like Zach's tattoo a lot. It's just a little freaky to get used to the idea that it's there forever...

  2. OMG, Julie, you crack me up because that's *exactly* the kind of conversations in my head.

  3. Loved the list. Mapquest is my best friend -- I don't leave home without it!

    Your last post was great. Isn't it amazing how the public view of smoking changed? By the time I quit, I really felt like I had a "plague." Little kids would point me out to their parents, I stayed miles away from any establishment to smoke. I never smoked in my house, or the car, and still felt like a horrible parent. Glad all that is over now!

  4. Interesting post! I'll be in the Quad Cities tomorrow! My best friend lives out there and we're staying overnight with her on our long drive back east! :) I love it there.

  5. OK, Enqiring minds want to know what exactly are the "quad"itites? I am lost already! LOL I am thinking about going from mapquest to gettting a GPS navigaiton system. They are really cool but when people get them them tend to become totally dependent on them for everything.

  6. Hi... that is such a list! nice, i can relate... #s 1, 2, 3 but in my case... uhmmm i never learned hot to really use the maps... geeehsh hahaha, great thing - my hubby is always with me or else i will be lost, 4. oftentimes, when i travel alone in in manila,phils- one of my friends must fetch me or will fetch me somewhere far from our meeting place... no matter how detailed their direction is. oh dear... and so on & so forth... hihihi ^.^
    thanks for dropping by. hope to see you again. :)
    happy hot tuesday hottie. :)

  7. Congrats on "Smoke Free Day 310" You are doing great.

    Awesome HoT post...I enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Tuesday.

  8. Hubby says we'll never get lost because I'm so good with directions and knowing which way we're driving. This may not be totally correct because we recently got a GPS. :)

  9. Mz Diva - the Quad Cities are on the Illinois/Iowa border, but I put a link in the post, too :)

  10. I like your list! Nifty post, for sure!

  11. When I'm out walking Wolf, I see a For Sale sign and the realtor's name is Kelly Skerry...I giggle every time thinking about how it would be pronounced by a Japanese person :-)

  12. Yeah for smoke free day 310!
    Great post!

    Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments. I truly appreciate it!

  13. Great Directional Post :)

    I'd get lost inside a wet paper bag.....I'm useless with maps, give me blow by blow directions and I'm okay.

    Thanks for playing Maggie, I always think it's interesting to find out more about people and sometimes it makes us think about ourselves.

  14. Oh! I can agree with your #2, I'm horrible at reading directions, you'd think I was a guy or something, I never read them.

  15. I'm with you all of the way on this "I can take direction, but I tend to resent it when I am micromanaged because it's both annoyingly condescending as well as ridiculously inefficient (and generally bad for business, anyway). 'Nuff said."

  16. I enjoyed this post a lot. I usually read the directions for everything too, unless it is something that I'm absolutely certain I already know how to use. And, my husband always teases me that I'm so horrible with directions, I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag ;-)

  17. Hee. Now, I'm giggling at "turn right at the light". Cute.

    Great list, it's always awesome learning more about ya!


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