Friday, April 25, 2008

Haiku (Hai-Q) Friday 4/25/08

Haiku Friday

A little something
I haven't yet done on here,
and now is your chance.

Ask me anything.
Seriously. Don't be shy.
Whatcha wanna know?

I have few secrets.
I'm mostly an open book.
I'll tell you the truth.

OK, not some things.
'Cuz I am a safety girl,
practicing safe 'nets.

No, I won't display
my social security
number, for 'zample.

But I will tell you
what makes me cry, sing or scream
or about cats, lunch...

You have a few days
so no need to ask today,
just sometime this week.

The day of answers
has yet to be determined
but soon I promise.


3-1-3 sounds cool
and even cooler because
those are smoke-free days.


  1. Great ku! I'll save the questions for your more regular readers ;)

  2. I've never been brave enough to throw myself open to questions. Good luck!

  3. i've never done it because i'm afraid no one will ask any...

  4. Neat Haiku and idea. I've thought of doing this in the past, but my reader numbers are like 5! hahaha!

    Q: Do you brush your teeth in the shower or at the sink?

  5. Opening oneself
    to such 'scrutiny' takes more
    courage than I have ;--)

    Mine are up this morning:
    I Up and Did it Yesterday! at Sacred Ruminations and Baby Beagle Update at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. yeah, i'm afraid no one would ask any either.

    so, here's one for you: what's your favorite book? movie? if you read the book, will you see the movie? if you see the movie, will you read the book?


  7. Okay, you may have written about this already, but what made you finally quit smoking, and how did you do it?
    Who would play you in a movie about your life?

  8. If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be?

    And yes, I'm also afraid no one will ask questions!

  9. You are brave for the free for all. I'm terrified to do it.

  10. Hmmm... Where did you learn to cook such delicious-looking dishes? (That should be fairly painless to answer. :) )

  11. I read you blog all the time..You seem a lot like myself, a tad crazy and funny if I might say. I sill smoke and think about quiting daily. I already know the bad stuff about being a smoker so please tell me all the good and how your life has changed. At what point on the quit did you get over the slump and say ahhhhhhhh life is good and I really dont want another nasty cigarette.


  12. I guess I should slow down and read what I typed or use spell check...what the hell


  13. Okay, here's mine. If you were to be stranded on..... say a desert island, in the Pacific somewhere.....and you could only take 3 people with you...... who would you take and why?

  14. Congrats on quitting smoking. What an awesome achievement. Have a great weekend. That was an awesome Haiku, by the way!

  15. How often do you cook during the week? Do you eat fast food? What's the craziest job you've had?

  16. I'm thrilled that people are actually asking questions - I was afraid, too, what if nobody did? I'm still hoping for plenty more (and you still have time!), but these are some good ones.

    And thank you for de-lurking, Cathy. Your comment made my day.

  17. Ok, here goes:
    1.) What made you decide to go teach in Japan?
    2.) What made you participate in the day of silence? You seems to like to express yourself a lot so that seems like a big thing to give up.
    3.) You aaid your ultimate career choice would be to be a housewife. Why a housewife and what would your other top two be if you could do anything.....forger if its couuld have it!
    4.) What made you decide you did not belong in the rooms after 15 years....enquiring minds wanna know!

  18. Cute post - I'm coming back to view the answers for the other questions!

  19. Ok here is my q: What are your top 5 fave books?
    And wtg on staying quit sister! I'm just shy of 7 weeks. I sometimes feel embarrassed that it's not over and done after almost TWO months, that it can still be a struggle...but it is what it is. Now I must go lie down. Have chantix upchucky feeling.


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