Friday, April 11, 2008

Haiku (HaiPew) Friday 4/11/08

Haiku Friday


'member how I said
that during "the apartness"
I have a new bed?

Computer room floor,
many layers of blankets,
'cuz I feel safe there?


And I posted pics
of warm kitties in my bed,
sweet warm companions?


At bedtime last night
was an unpleasant surprise,
a cold and wet spot.

Yes, only one cause,
I didn't spill any water;
one of those stinks peed.

(Oh the hits I'll get.
I said peed the bed out loud.
Bring it on, Google.)

For my benefit,
I'd rearranged cat boxes;
displeasure made known.

Was one of three meows,
and I suspect the fat one,
but that's Tom's lil' girl.

She can do no wrong
in his eyes blinded by love.
Nothing is her fault.

(Prior post pictures,
true, but I'm busy washing
blankets one by one)

When I texted him,
Tom totally protested.
How did I know who?

We both do agree
not likely the orange one
(he's bad other ways).

Most likely suspects
are either fat or silky,
but which one is it?

?Strogie-Hoagies 8?

Since I'm so clever
(and clearly very humble)
I had an idea.

You pick the reason,
but I have an old webcam
and dusted it off.

caused some computer issues,
but now webcam's set.

Cat boxes returned
to way that was unpleasing,
but will protect bed.

The scene of the crime
shall be all reconstructed,
culprit shall be known.

Wanna place your bets?
Who do you think it will be?
Orange? Fat? Silky?

Perhaps just knowing
will better help determine
new box strategy.

Next rearrangement
can benefit me without
icky in exchange.

The truth will prevail.
And then justice will be served.
The world will be right.


You know I count days,
so Day Two-Nine-Nine today
, feeling good.


(added later)

Haiku continued
I really did not expect
that my plan would work.

When I returned home,
sure enough, there was more pee,
oddly I smiled...

...mainly just because
I was dying to find out
if the cam would tell.

Remember, the cam
is very old, quality
isn't all that great.

But it was enough
to see white underbelly...
...of Tom's little girl.


  1. So who was it? Did you ever find out?

  2. a haiku cat pee pee mystery ... great stuff....... I'm going to go with the fat one, and, that's not to be biased against those who are differently weighted... it's just that... intuition !!!

  3. Jules, I just set it up tonight, so we shall see!

    Hi John! I think it's the fat one, too ;)

  4. We have had lots of indoor kitties in our home through the years. We're currently down to only three.

    Usually, when a kitty pees in places that it didn't before - like your bed - it can be a sign of illness. Urinary tract trouble. Serious stuff. Just so you know. :)

  5. csi - feline. who knew? and i too think it might be the fat one.

  6. Good reminder, Joyce. So far, I think it's the rearranging I did, but I'm keeping that in mind if it continues beyond this.

    Transplanting, good way to put it, CSI - feline. I'll add your to the vote for my sweet and cute but fat one (who I love, hope nobody misunderstands).

  7. Ah, gotta love cats; they use their urine as a weapon, don't you think?

  8. HI-larious 'ku!
    First - I am so sorry that the kitty peed in your bed.
    Secondly - I can't stop laughing at the idea of your sting to catch the culprit.

  9. Ha! Peeing cat mysteries. Love it.

    My vote was originally going to be for the silky one with the "I dare you to say it's me" look in his eyes, but then I looked at the fat one and laughed out loud because his eyes just scream "Who me?!"

  10. I used to be SUCH a cat person...but not anymore. LOL!

  11. Haha!!! By the looks of it, I'm going to bet on "silky"!

    Loved your haiku!

  12. oooh, a kitty mystery! great ku series!!!!

    (haipew -- i'm lmao)

  13. Sassy kitties! But they are so cute!

  14. Wonderful this post!
    Storytelling all in ‘ku
    illustrated with

    marvelous pictures
    of your kitties … and now your
    solution … perfect

    way to capture the
    culprit ‘in the act’ if a
    repeat performance.

    Hugs and blessings,

    My Haiku Friday posts this week are:
    Joyful Burst of Color and
    Of Oddities and Change

  15. Wonderful! You are almost at day 300. Way to kick it.

    I love me a good pallet myself. I had a huge stack of blankets & comforters I used to sleep on.

    I believe your culprit is the one missing her daddy.

  16. ohhhh speaking of pee, i might do it in my pants laughing at this. also, almost the big 300--wowee

  17. When I started reading, and viewing the photos, I thought "aww, cute kitties!" ... only to find out one was bad! Oh no. Ick!

    I've blogged about cats puking in my bed in the middle of the night at least three times ...

  18. Toni - Yep, I do think it is absolutely a weapon in retaliation for anything they don't like.

    Wright - Glad I made you giggle! It's definitely funnier after the clean up :)

    Lynda - My fat little meow girl does have that look, huh?

    Janet - I agree that I don't love the whole potty thing about cats, or any pet, really...

    SAM/Mishi - You may be correct, and I'll be posting results before long.

    Brandie - I think yours is the only vote for my silky guy, but he does look a little guilty, no?

    Janet (Planetary One) - Thanks! A little mystery can be fun.

    Kathryn - You are so right. If they were ugly and peed on my bed they'd be living a different and less pampered life, no doubt. Adorable has its benefits.

    Storyteller - I do feel all high tech kitty crime fighter over here.

    Holly/Anglophile - Thanks for the 300 day congrats, confirming that I'm not the only one enjoying sleeping on the floor (well, me and you and Japan), and, aw, the one missing daddy - so sweet.

    Jude - No more peeing from anyone. Well, unless everyone cleans up after themselves and not on my bed ;)

    Merrymishaps - I'm so relieved that someone else cool also has posted more than one post about cat puke, pee, poop or other.

  19. That is so not fun. :( And what do you want to bet no one pees on the bed again? Ugh...

  20. Rebecca - Hahaha, I'd be OK with it if none of them ever pee the bed again ;)

  21. Mojo -- the giant toddler-eating dog (that's Tasina's theory anyway) -- threw up on my bed last week. And today he threw up on the shoe of a girl who had never been to our house before. Way to be welcoming, Mo!

    (It's my blog post for today...)

  22. You are so funny dude. Cat-Cam in action.

  23. Wow, not only will you come up on Google for bedwetting, but you will also be up there for hidden bathroom cam.

    I vote for the chubby one.

  24. ooohhhhh there's nothing worse than cat pee ... ugh!

  25. Julie - I think I was leaving my comment on your post about the same time you were here. Crazy pets all at once.

    Tasina - Yep, I'm silly, but once I get something in my head, I get this way.

    Scylla - I hadn't thought of that one, but yep, makes sense.

    Dawn - I agree. Nothing else is quite like it or as bad.


    Did you sit bad kitty down and make him/her watch it? Did you get a reasonable explanation?

  27. RUT roe! But I'm glad you discovered the culprit.

  28. Omigosh. BUSTED. You are too funny

  29. She did have a devilish gleam in her eyes. Too funny.

    She must miss Tom, too. :-(

  30. Cute kitties!
    How long is sleeping on the floor going to be comfortable? I guess you can endure more agony when you're young (and in love).

  31. I knew it was Tom's girl! I knew it. She misses him, eh?

  32. Tasina - She just puts her tail up, turns her backside to me and saunters away without explanation.

    Rebecca - Yes, now that I know, I can plan better.

    Jude - I about fell over when I saw that it worked. Pretty funny!

    Lynda - Yep, she does have the bad girl gleam in her eyes, doesn't she?

    Mamaflo - I actually love the sleeping arrangement because it reminds me a lot of Japan. I'll have to revert to a bed again once we are under the same roof, but I'll miss this, I think.

    Mishi - Yep, I bet she does!


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