Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 4/17/08 - 13th Edition

Hey, it's my 13th Thursday Thirteen!

13 Classes I'd Love to Take, Really
  1. Sewing/Knitting - I made one pillow, once, in Home Ec, but I still have it and love it even if I have no clue how I did it and do a really crappy job at anything I try to sew or repair.
  2. Photography - I've never taken a class, but I also never loved taking pictures like I do now and would love to know more than how to point and shoot.
  3. Cooking - I've said many times that even if I've started to love cooking as a new habit that seems to have replaced smoking, all I do is follow recipes. I'd love to know more.
  4. Swimming - I can float and get from here to there, but it looks more like fake swimming (think just beyond doggy paddle)
  5. Basic gym equipment stuff - what is this? what does it do? why do I need to do that? how do I do it without looking crazy or hurting myself (or others)? if I start doing it, when do I stop?
  6. Japanese for fluency - I can order a pizza, a beer, find a bathroom, give a full introduction of myself, but unless I've actually had some of that beer, any further skills have atrophied. I don't know why beer helps.
  7. How to turn crap into a masterpiece for the unskilled and not so crafty set - 'nuff said
  8. Belly dancing - because I want to.
  9. Singing - don't get me wrong, I sing anyway, even publicly and even without talent, but it would be nice to know a few things.
  10. Drawing for the artistically challenged - though I have taught entire lessons (the entire nativity story, complete with pregnancy, wise men, an angel, etc. actually, just to make a point about how Christmas is celebrated differently in America than in Japan) using brilliant stick people. I'm *very* good at stick people.
  11. Pottery for the pot challenged - because I'm cracked but still want to be like Demi Moore in the pottery scene in Ghost.
  12. Cat Psychology/How to train your cats to get along, pee only in the box (all the way in the box, every time, without fail) and not meow excessively - because I love my kitties, but we'd all get along better if I could get them to do how I want.
  13. How to put on make up - I still struggle with this. I think it's related to being clueless about doing my hair or decorating my home.
Yay, today is smoke-free day 305!

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  1. The list would be the same for me, word for word. I want to know how to do ALL of these things!

    PS: your cat is GORGEOUS!

  2. I have a friend who belly dances...she loves it!

  3. Ok, here is the secret to learning about make-up and design. Find a really cool drag queen and go shopping with her! Ask her to give you make-up and decorating tips! I'm telling you, it is contageous! I recently bought a coral red couch so my living room would "pop" with color! I had too many dark tones in one room and the red lightened the tone up tremendously! All those years hanging out with gay guys definetly paid off for me!

  4. I would definitely not want the one for cats, although I would love a couple sessions with Cesar, the Dog Whisperer, to improve Abe's behavior (especially his tendency to take off like a shot any time he is loose outside.)

    I would love to take a photography class, to learn more about how to use my camera and more about photoshop.

    Great list!

  5. I'd also love to take a class in Photography and Cooking. I consider both my hobbies and I do fairly well with both, but I could improve a lot. Thanks for stopping by and happy TT!

  6. Those classes sound great, can I go with you?

  7. #5 just cracked me up. And I'm right there with you on #13. I just shoot for the "wow I hope I don't look like a demented clown" look and hope I get it right.

  8. having recently struggled(and overcome) it myself I totally sympathize with you on #12. I just got done doing the whole 'box training' bit with my kitties.


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