Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 4/24/08 - 14th Edition

13 Bits of Evidence that I'm Generally Frugal (Sometimes Downright Cheap)
(I hate to keep linking to the same article for a great definition of the difference, but I will because it's that excellent)

No, I'm not *always* like this, as you know if you read yesterday about my huge splurge, and I believe in balance and moderation, but if I had to pick, I'd say my leanings are much more on the money conscious side than the spendthrift side. Part of this is due to a not entirely unhealthy fear of running out of money in a scary economy, or, as I've talked about previously, having to eat cat food in my old age (though that ain't so cheap anymore, either), and part of it's just because too much unnecessary waste makes me feel kind of sad inside, you know?

  1. I own and still wear sweatpants that I bought in 1990 (less so in public because I'm learning).
  2. I haven't bought new underwear in about 4 years, and they are starting to really show their wear under there. Since I already told you this yesterday, consolation bonus: I own only one bra because I always think they want too much money for something so silly and can't bring myself to buy a second one. I barely need one anyway, so whatev.
  3. I buy laundry detergent for $1.98 for 40 loads (Sun). 3 at a time in case the price goes up.
  4. I keep a monster spreadsheet price list of grocery items and will plan trips specifically to save money on a certain item because I know what the cheapest price is in town on my regular items at all times.
  5. Typically the only shampoo or conditioner I buy is either Suave or generic.
  6. A haircut costs me about $16 every 6 to 12 months. Bad, I know. I have issues with my hair.
  7. When the ass was about to split out of my second pair of jeans last winter (the first pair did split, at work), I bought 2 pairs of $15 Wranglers from the Men's section at Target, and it's probably what I'll buy from now on.
  8. I *love* my mid- to late-90's car with over 150,000 miles on it because it still runs without too many repairs (knocking my head on wood as hard as I can, ouch) and because my favorite amount for a monthly car payment is $0. I'm hoping for another few years.
  9. I'm convinced that the generic brand of most items is just as good, if not superior, unless it is peanut butter or Club crackers or a few other random things.
  10. When chicken goes on sale (and I know it's a good deal from my price list), I buy in bulk and freeze and feel like I'm positively brilliant.
  11. One of my favorite websites in the entire world is Hillbilly Housewife, and I often cook meals from the $45 Emergency Menu for 4 to 6 because I want to know that I can do it if I need to and because the Butter Beans and Batter Bread make my mouth water.
  12. Shopping at the bag it yourself store never bothers me because I always walk out knowing that there are still annoying people in the "nice" stores, too, where the grocery bill is easily 30% more, so I win and also get $0.06 back for each of those reusable (and wonderful because they are sturdy and can be carried over the shoulder) bags that I use.
  13. The joy I get out of saving $0.06 per bag is a symbol of my attitude toward rockin' the frugality and letting my pennies add up to dollars so that I can really enjoy the hell out of whatever it is that I decide to spend more frivolously but always as a better appreciated treat than if I wasn't generally trying to be so money conscious and always spent what I didn't have on crap I didn't need (instead of just sometimes).
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  1. I'm really only cheap with me. I'll run around in ragged clothes and go without haircuts - but the boys always look decent. I hate spending money on myself and only do so when pressed.

    And I still don't love you because of that laptop. *envious glare*

  2. I tellya, your #1...if it fits and it's comfortable, who CARES how old they are? That's my opinion.

    Have a terrific t-13 is posted too, it'll take a bit of doing to comprehend it all, but it's worth a shot. Come see if you can decipher it.

  3. I really need to be more frugal. I'm the same as Tasina. I make sure everyone else has what they need before myself.
    Happy T13!

  4. Wow...I believe I have found someone more miserly than me! AMAZING! I actually AM getting better about spending money on myself, but it's SO hard to change that habit!

    GREAT T-13!

  5. Good for you! I should follow your example ...

  6. I need to get frugal, Maggie. I really do. I'm usually over the moon when I combine a coupon with a sale. But this post proves I have a lot to learn. Me? I'm badly in new of need underwear AND clothes and I can't even bring myself to look at new stuff right now.

  7. Haha, badly in need of new. Not I'm badly in new of need. I guess I need more coffee :)

  8. Wow - compare to you - I am a splurger (is that a word?) Happy TT!

  9. You are probably one of the only people I know that could survive in a depression.

  10. I'm cheap, too, but not as much as I ought to be. I go through cycles of spending.

    Happy TT!

  11. We have three vehicles -- the newest one is from 1998. I love having no car payment! And even when something goes wrong, it's still cheaper than all those car payments.

    Great list!

  12. i'm cheap too! go check out my great deals I just got earlier this week! but you can also read my T13! Happy TT!

  13. I recently just bought my first freezer, buying chicken on sale just does something good to a person!

  14. You've elevated this to an artform and I admire you. May I make a suggestion? Instead of buying Suave or generic shampoo, head on over to a Sally Beauty Supply store and buy it in liters or gallons. It's better quality, better for your skin and scalp, it will end up being cheaper per ounce. Also, a better quality shampoo can double as a stain remover on clothes. Great on protein-based stains like mud and blood because professionally formulated shampoos tend to have a little more protein than the ones you buy at the drugstore.


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