Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Don't Smoke Anymore

Today is smoke-free day 302. It was such a gorgeous weekend, especially Saturday when it was sunny and 78 (today we're back to the 50s), and getting outside, walking around and breathing fresh air (and taking pictures to document my delight) is really almost addictive, and so is the feeling of awesomeness on so many levels simply because I used to smoke but ain't doin' that no more.

Yesterday, I had one of those marathon(g) conversations with my dear friend J who you may remember first introduced me to Chantix about a year ago. We were talking about one of our hundred topics (from work stuff to the acceptable level of gin and tonic consumption after a bad day/week at work to travel to diet to relationships to money to general health to family to tree huggers vs. rednecks and all kinds of other stuff), and somewhere in there at one point he just paused and said:

"Oh my God, Mags, I'm so glad we don't smoke anymore."

It's almost funny, considering how much smoking was a part of our bond and was just what we did and who we were individually and in our friendship. Smoking is how we met right before Japan, it's what we did during those endless conversations into the wee hours once in Japan (we actually lived about an hour or more apart and didn't see each other face to face as much). Every experience together in every place we ever were together - Japan, Singapore, Chicago, Malaysia, Las Vegas, we've gotten around and spread our love all over the place - enjoying a smoke together was part of our experience. Smoking seemed as much an integral ingredient of our friendship as f-bombs, politically (extremely) incorrect comments, the gift of gab to talk a chicken off the bone, and the ability to remain so close already 13 years later (wow). We both really enjoyed smoking. No, you don't understand, we both *really* and *seriously* very much loved smoking. Separately. Together. Both.

As much as smoking is a part of some of our favorite memories in our friendship, I'm content, ready even, today, to let the smoking aspect be one of those things of the past from our "wilder and crazier days," back when we were also content to stay in backpacker places where elevators routinely lost power and got stuck mid-floor for several dark and hot minutes or in a beach hut where toilets required a bucket of water to flush (as I found out the, um, embarrassing "OK, now what do I do about this turd in the toilet" kind of way). Some things are far better kept as awesome memories to cherish forever than they would be to actually relive, and, so, even if smoking used to be a part of our friendship, and even if it sometimes seemed odd to imagine there'd come a day either of us would say stuff like this, I agree completely:

"Oh my God, my dear friend J, I'm so glad we don't smoke anymore."



  1. That is so cool that you and your friend are both non-smokers! I have some friends who ended up in AA many years after I had gotten sober and boy was I surprised! A lot of people I know have quit but I was the hardheaded one of my crew! NOow I am also happy to be a non-smoker.

  2. You know that really is fabu. I have to stop myself from romanticizing smoking now that I can't *ahem* chose not to do it anymore. This blog was JUST what I needed, as usual. Thank you Maggie!

  3. That's incredible Maggie!
    Just another experience you get together as friends......and this experience probably means that you will both live much longer to experience more of life together.
    Congratulations and I'm real proud of you!!!

  4. I hear you! My hubby and I talk about being ex-smokers together now. Ok, *I* talk and he just says, "Are you done talking about it yet, woman?" But see? We talk about it. LoL.

    Seriously though, I'm not sure I'd have been this successful if he hadn't quit, too. Just knowing that there isn't one around is tremendous in getting through a craving - which I had several of this weekend while cleaning - which in term made me a total crabby b*%$h.

    Cleaning does that to me. So instead I had a couple of mojitos and went to bed buzzed last night. It's all good.

  5. Congrats on 300 days and counting!

  6. Sounds like my friend candiss and I we both are quitters with chantix.

    keep on keepin on maggie!!!!!!

  7. How awesome that the both of you are ex-smokers together! It's so rare. The majority of my friends smoke, however, many of them have quit so I bet eventually, I might be able to say that too someday down the road.

  8. Thanks for your visit to Grandmother Wren, Maggie.
    But I really want to comment from my other persona - Karen/the editor of COPD News of the Day.
    I am also very, very happy that you don't smoke anymore. Isn't is astounding to look back on a behavior that was a Huge part of your life for so long and wonder what That was all about?
    Congratulations, Maggie.
    Becoming smoke free will prove to be on of your best decisions, I'm sure. Bravo!

  9. Mz Diva, it's fun when people you used to know join you in living better, isn't it?

    Jude, I've romanticized smoking, too, and did have great times... that are now in the past, thankfully.

    Mamaflo, amen, lots more fun to be had!

    Lynda, I think it's awesome that you both quit, even if he's about done talking about it. Some of us clearly just aren't, and that's cool ;)

    Thanks, Janet!

    Chris, so good to see you, and thanks!

    Tabatha, that's really awesome that your friend quit, too.

    Huckdoll, I wish you the best, and you know I'm glad to do whatever I can to be of support.

    Karen, thank you, and it is amazing how long I was willing to do that to myself. Glad that's over!


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