Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The A Part of the Q & A Part Three - Food Edition

Today is smoke-free day 325. I'm still slowly answering the great questions I got from my Hai-Q Haiku post a couple Fridays ago, and so I bring you another installment, this time the food edition (see also Part One and Part Two, or the whole set in one shot because I aim to please). Yummy.

The A Part of the Q & A Part Three:

Q: Rebecca asked: Where did you learn to cook such delicious-looking dishes?
A: The longest version of this answer is probably best described in my crazy post about my batshit make believe cooking show, but since I'm always all about the nutshell version of things, I give you this. I stumbled into cooking as something to do with my hands when I quit smoking last June, and while I've learned some kitchen tricks and acquired a few gadgets, I still know very little about cooking. What I *can* do is read a well-written recipe. Thankfully, I've found a treasure trove of excellent recipes over at RecipeZaar, and for every recipe I make, I give it a review over there, and I also add it to my public cookbook on their site that I call "I Made It" so you can see all in one place, um, everything I've made ;) Anytime I post a picture of some delicious dish here on my blog, I'll link directly to the recipe over there. If you look through the reviews for any of those recipes, you should see one of mine.

Q: Sandy C. asked: How often do you cook during the week? Do you eat fast food?
A: Since about mid-April when I started consciously tracking what I'm eating and aiming for a certain goal so that my newly non-smoking ass stops growing, I cook (or warm up leftovers of what I've cooked) pretty much 6 nights of the week. And then, usually about Monday, I start dreaming of my "free day," the day when I allow myself to eat fast food without considering calories or other scary things. Funny enough, once I'm in the habit of eating healthy home-cooked meals, the one night of fast food actually feels kind of gross (I know, I feel like I'm blaspheming to say such a thing) until about Monday when I'm back to that fond anticipation of the free day.

Q: Jude asked: What are your thoughts about taco bell's cheesy beefy melt? i love it ;-)
A: Oh dear Heaven above. Is there yet another yummy to love at the Bell? And now, when I have only one meal a week to spend on fast food because I'm being so good? If you say you love it, I shall try it. But if it's not as good as the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito or the Grilled Stuft Burrito it will be a pity. A real damn shame. But I'll forgive you, and I'll try anything once :)


  1. Great idea about the recipe book online!

    I love cooking too but none of my stuff looks quite as good as yours! It's too much work for me to be creative anymore. And you're so right about the free day -- I eat well all week and am not really in the mood for the free day until I think, hmm, Mudpie Blizzard!

    Oh and that cheesy beefy melt is pretty good (hate the commercials for it though--they gross me out). not as yummy as my favorite beef meximelt but pretty good!

  2. Thanks so much for answering my question!

  3. I think you're a creative soul as cooking can definitely be as creative as writing(which you are also good at) or art (which I think your photography skills are pretty good too).
    You are young and have so much talent.

  4. 6 days a week! You ARE my hero :) I wish I had that level of cooking stamina. We end up eating out at least 3 times a week *hangs head in shame*

    Okay, these taco bell things you speak of, I will have to try!


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