Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Any Tom, Dick or Harry

Today is smoke-free day 331. Today Heads or Tails today is all about HEADS - Any Tom, Dick Or Harry. Oh, there are *so* very many ways this conversation (yes, one sided, but it still seems like a conversation) could go. I haven't yet looked at how others approached this topic because I wanted to surprise myself, possibly embarrass myself.

I'm sure the first time I heard the phrase "any Tom, Dick or Harry" that I quickly thought of the word "hairy" instead of "Harry." I don't actually remember. This is just a guess.

Now, one of the first things that pops into my mind when I hear the phrase "any Tom, Dick or Harry" is the revolving bedroom door of an, um, unsavory woman. My guess here is that when I did hear this phrase, either the first time or perhaps even most times, it was someone saying that someone else would sleep with "any Tom, Dick or Harry." I will say no more about that other than that I haven't always been as wholesome and pure and good as what you see standing before you here today and that while I've never dated a Harry, I've dated a lot of Dicks (that went by various names). Oh, and one Tom. One Beloved Tom. He is neither a Harry, nor a Dick. And he's a good guy. My guy.

What's funny about "any Tom, Dick or Harry" is, in addition to it sounding dirty to say out loud (or is it just me?), is that it reminds me of just how damn big the world is that there are a bazillion of these people that are nothing more to us than just "any Tom, Dick or Harry," but suddenly it all changes if we meet one and get to know one well enough to make the person special in our hearts. No longer "any Tom, Dick or Harry" but suddenly someone like "my Tom." Odd, that.

I admit, this is all going absolutely nowhere. And I need to go anyway. It's probably for the best. If you have to be "any Tom, Dick or Harry," I'd recommend choosing to be a Tom or a Harry. Just saying.


  1. Hahaha!!! I love rambling posts like this that don't seem to go anywhere. Maybe it's because they don't NEED to go anywhere. :)

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  2. I'm pretty damn savory altho my bedroom door did revolve for awhile ;-) altho no Tom, Dick, or Harry ever passed through.

  3. Hmmm, actually I think it's a humorous post as my five brothers were constantly saying "Tom's Dick is Hairy". Needless to say that I've never seen a hairy dick, not the actually dick - OMG, am I actually talking like this - LOL!!!!!!

  4. LOL@unsavory women.
    You are still on your trip right? How is it goin?

  5. Haha, Maggie. That was so random, LOVES IT.

    I remember growing up in my neighbourhood, all of the kids were supposed to call the adults by Mr. or Mrs. and their first name.

    One was Mr. Dick. It was really hard to keep a straight face back then!

  6. Great, entertaining post. Congratulations on 331 days smoke free. Awesome!

  7. darn, i wish i did this one. i have a funny tom dick or harry story. so i'll just tell it to you.

    my grandmother has three boys, a pair of twins and an older boy.
    the older boy: richard
    the twins (including my dad): harry (my dad) and tom.

    tom, dick and harry. my grandmother always was a jokester.


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