Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Of / Most Likely

Today is smoke-free day 332, and I'm just now realizing that a good bloggy pal that I met along my Chantix and quitting smoking journey, MamaFlo, was kind enough awhile back to do a very kind thing. It turns out, as I now know in a round about way, that she very kindly nominated me for a couple of Blogger's Choice Awards. In particular, these clickable and votable ones:

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff! My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

Before I beg my small handful of readers to vote for me in both categories (to keep it balanced 'cause that's how I am - but only if you feel that way, of course), can I tell you about the only other time in my ENTIRE life when I was nominated for ANYTHING?

Excellent. Story time it is.

I'll start in the middle and not make it as long as it could be, though I may expound another day because expounding is my favorite.

I was basically a stoner and an even-worse-stoner-wanna-be (not sure why I wanted to be - OK, really I do know, but that's a whole other-nother story). I was like this through the end of junior high and first while in high school. Those days I wore black clothes and blacker eyeliner and drank Nyquil (nasty) for a buzz in the event that I was grounded exclusively to an upstairs bedroom far from the extensive "open bar" located in our family room (and steps from what I insisted I have as my regular bedroom - coincidence?). Back then I wrote suicide poems on the backs of napkins at the Denny's while out way past curfew on school nights and in between drinking bottomless coffee and chain-smoking Marlboro Reds (before K, one of "the crew," introduced me to menthols). Then a series of events happened that convinced me that I had a problem (or three), so I got smart, stopped screwing up my life (mostly), and basically started becoming an entirely different person.

(Some day I will that story. I'm not ready yet. It doesn't turn out quite as you might expect or even as I expected. But it's my story.)

Fast forward to Senior Year.

I was minding my own business all full of myself as a super sober and recently turned 18 years old "adult" when I was notified that I'd been nominated for a Best of and Most Likely category for the yearbook. At some point later (perhaps even minutes later?), I was told that I needed to show up at the planter (or whatever we called that huge area with plants - pretty sure it was called "the planter" - if not, should have been) for a picture with the male counterpart for the same category, but I still had no clue what category. I was fairly unpopular (which was actually an improvement from every year prior, believe it or don't), so I found it hard to believe anyone would nominate me for anything.

On that walk to the planter, I considered what category it might be and was sure that whatever it was, it was related to the changes I'd made. That expectation is why it was kind of like whatever is the milder version of a kick in stomach that I had my picture taken with a popular party boy as the pair voted...

Most Likely to Live the Longest

In other words, it was a joke. We weren't. Either of us. Neither of us were likely to live longest, according to our judgmental peers. He thought it was party on totally excellent (!) (dude) (!), while I wasn't quite as thrilled. It was a big deal to me that I'd cleaned up my act in so many ways, but apparently those doing the voting couldn't see the changes through my chain-smoking haze. I wasn't terribly upset or anything, just kind of disappointed, I guess, that the one time I'd been both nominated for and voted as something, it was something like that (even if they were onto something considering it took me until almost a year ago to quit smoking for what I hope is the last time).

OK, so that was longer than I intended, even leaving out huge chunks full of meaningful teen drama. The point I wanted to make is just that I am honored to finally be nominated for something not as the butt of a joke but as something good and happy and nice and awesome like these awards. Regardless of my chances of actually winning (nil), I'd get a real kick out of receiving any votes by anyone so inclined (though I'll still love you if you don't. just not as much. i jest. i'll always love you. and your hair looks crazy beautiful the way you parted it today, btw.)

So that you don't have to scroll all the bloody way back to the damn top, here they are again because I'm always looking out for you:

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff! My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

Oh, and it didn't scan so well (at all), and I had to remove all names and faces to protect the innocent, but I'm in the lower right corner (committing a fashion crime that also didn't scan well)...

(clicking shows images more clearly, a lot more clearly, actually)


  1. oh noooo! that's terrible -- teenagers are so cruel!!!

    but your NEW nominations....well in the words of Tommy Boy.. That.. WAS..AWESOME!

    I'll vote! And thanks, I tried to do something different with my hair today and I'm glad you like it.

  2. Maggie,
    You so rock! I am so glad you are being honored for a positive contribution to society insead of all that "teen angst" stuff. As a former "Fu*%-Up myself, doesn't it feel weird to be noticed for doing the right thing? I still have problems with it. No matter how successful I become, its still hard to see myself in the new "changed" light at times. Do you ever have that probem? I was exactly like you in high school! I was voted "most likely to be dead or in jail!" in an informal vote. I think the day I got arrested in the front of the school with everyone walking out for lunch that sort of sealed the deal. My friends and I decided to go get high and chain smoke cigarettes so her boyfriend picked us up in a car. I had no idea it was stolen until there were four cop cars with drawn guns in back of us! Go figure! Teenagers!

    I am so glad that I met you in this journey of change. I think giving up cigarettes was WAY harder than any drug I have quit! Anyway, we should talk sometime because I bet we have more things in common than the rooms.

    PS: Hell yeah I will vbte for you! As soon as I am verified!

  3. You are a gem and You are one of the best things about my quit!
    Thanks for everything Maggie!!!!

  4. If they could see you now! You're an inspiration to all of us. Congrats on your nominations!

  5. You deserve to win Maggie! I registered and voted for you yesterday. :)

  6. Kids can be crumb bums!
    I thought goth was supposed to have been in?
    I was always a closet smoker when I smoked the last year of high school. Crazy how quickly one can get addicted!


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