Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 337 - Reflection

Today is smoke-free day 337. I don't remember the exact date around this time last year that my dear friend J told me about his success quitting smoking with Chantix or the date I called to get an appointment, but I know at this point the appointment had already been made and set for June 1, 2007 at 1:30PM (took a few weeks to get the appointment, and that I remember because I was annoyed), and the beginning of the end of a lifetime of addiction to smoking (because it's not just the addiction to nicotine that's so tough) was in progress.

This time last year, I was a smoker. I paid more money than makes any goddamn sense to put my body and my health at risk to feed my addiction that I'd equated in my heart to being a best friend instead of the worst enemy I knew in my head it really was. I'd cut back to roughly 3/4 of a pack a day after some years (mostly my years in Japan) of closer to 2 packs a day. I was killing myself and wanted to stop but knew from previous experience that it was a harder battle than what I had the energy to fight. I had a phone call in to a new doctor's office near my new home where I'd just moved weeks before, and I had a thimble full of hope with a healthy dose of skeptical.

Approaching a year quit within less than a month now, I'm thinking more again about the process and the milestones, so I'll probably be doing some reflecting because that's how I am. I totally understand that for some it works best to quit smoking and then also to quit thinking about it. I've said 8 million times (give or take) that anyone quitting smoking brings into any experience the individual and unique person that he or she is, so it only makes sense that we will each approach and experience this journey differently, each walking our own paths, and each one as right as rain for the person whose path it is to walk. As long as we all get where we are trying to be, it doesn't matter what the paths are paved with or how funky they might look to others.

For me? I ain't done talking about this yet. Each day that I post something here and mention how many days it's been, I am reminded and inspired to go for another day, like a daily affirmation or some other happy hippie shit. As long as that's the case, I'll continue to do so. Perhaps it's nothing more than a silly superstition like lucky green socks, but it's been working.


  1. keep talkin bout it, i'll keep reading!
    woweeeeee almost a year.
    Thank is fan-effin-tastic

  2. you gotta do what works!! that's awesome that you're doing so well! my parents smoked for oh about 25 years and then one day just decided to up and quit. so you are exactly right -- it doesn't matter what path as long as the end goal is met. good for you! snaps!!

  3. Amazing! A year is absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work

  4. Congratulations to you on making this milestone! You should be very proud of yourself - and if it feels right to you to keep talking about it, then you darn well should. Screw what anyone else thinks!

  5. I agree with you....some days I really think that a cigarette soundss really good and my head tells me I won't get addicted, that it will be like a little "break" and then I will go back to being a non-smoker! Yeah right! I love that you still talk about it because I still think about it so now I just read about it. Keep posting! Now I am thinking that I should get a day counter....I do mine by hand! LOL

  6. This is phenomenal Maggie, a year, WOW!!
    As the weather has warmed up I've been thinking often of smoking and although I "think" I'd like one, I know that it would lead straight back to my pack a day habit and I don't want that to happen.

    Congratulations Again!

  7. Nice Maggie. As always, I am right behind you.

    Following you all year, some 1 month behind in my quit has been a great experience. The internet is crazy that way. I have a "quit smoking friend" I have never met in real life.

    Obviously, as always, I wish you all the best in your quit.

    Can't wait to get to the 1 year mark!

    Keep going, we are almost there!


  8. Please keep talking. Please. It's so important and you are helping so many, I do so believe this.

    You're an inspiration, dear!

  9. I love reading you success. And if people don't like it they can just click away.

    Just think, your journey could actually save someone elses life.

  10. My partner used Chantix to quit and he's doing great too. I quit with the patches 3 years ago and it worked for me, but I think Chantix is much easier. We have some friends who were doing Chantix and doing well and then started smoking again before they were done. I guess some people have a harder time than others.

    We have some friends who are in their 70s who quit cold turkey - now that takes effort! :)

    Good for you Maggie - keep it up!


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