Friday, May 16, 2008

Hai-(eek)-ku Friday 5/16/08

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday*
for me seems to have become
Japan story day.

(*yes, the word "haiku" is 3 syllables, when I want it to be)

This one is icky.
It's a creepy one about
the gokiburi.

Direct translation
says gokiburi just means
"cockroach" in English.

Lost in Translation
is more than a great movie
and is often true.

I'd worked in fast food;
I'd seen cockroaches before.
This? Was different.

My place was kept clean,
but still this "visitor" came
in all his grossness.

Apparently, there?
In Japan's humid summers?
Goki are common.

To resolve problem
there are various methods.
I chose a canned spray.

(While it's fun to say,
the gokiburi hoi hoi
gives me the crawlies)

The goki was huge.
I'd heard this would be the case.
Still, really damn large.

So, I aimed the spray,
feeling kind of bad, you know,
having to kill it.

What I expected?
I spray, it dies, I sweep up.
Basic pest control.

The unexpected?
I sprayed, and... it jump'd! Then flew!
Well, knock me over.

What the f*^%$k was that?
Cockroaches that fly around?
Aw, hell, no. For reals?

Yep, one of many
things that just don't translate right,

Even the same word
can take on a new meaning.
Gokis are roach, +++plus+++.

3-3-4 smoke-free,
the number of days it's been,
stringing together.


  1. Cockroaches are gross in any language, lol!!!

    My haiku is up, too.

  2. Marvelous how you
    make a ‘cockroach’ story com-
    pelling in Haiku!

    (and the term has 2 syllables when I choose ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. ohhhhh cockroaches... ew ew ew ew! I am so glad that we don't have them here in alaska. It may be cold, but bug free :)

  4. Cockroaches ugh! I remember growing up my grandmother's little tiny apartment was plagued with them. Great Haiku-making even the cockroach poetic!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my haiku. :)

    Haiku-ing certainly comes naturally to you. :)

    ICK! about the cockroaches.

  6. *shudder*

    cockroaches give me the squigs.

    well-told in 5-7-5, though :-)

  7. yikes! grody!

    we have "palmetto bugs" here in florida that are nothing more than flying cockroaches and one was out to get me once in an apartment i had. it flew toward me, i ducked, it flew overhead and into my roommate's room, where i locked the door. hahah!

  8. I'm not eeked out by too many things, but cockroaches top the list!

  9. HATE them. HATE HATE HATE. I once had one stare at me and then fly at me. Still 20+ years later gives me the willies. So, I totally get the freak. And, yes. I grew up in an area with many. They are nastay!

  10. You lost me after I saw the word cockroach. I couldn't even continue. (Shuddering)


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