Friday, May 30, 2008

Haiku Friday 5/30/08

Haiku Friday

A whole room so full
of people wearing dark clothes
and grim expressions...

...seemed strong foundation
to uphold this young widow
and her two babies.

He'd protected her,
kept his promise if she came
to take care of her.

Abandoned by death,
left in her husband's country:
so o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-i-n-g.

English is easy
if you grew up speaking it;
Otherwise? It's tough!

But she's so tough, too.
Mama Bear protects her cubs,
in any culture.

She needed a job.
Went to school, all in English.
I was *so* impressed.

The oldest was four
the day daddy met angels;
she remembers him.

Her best memories
are going fishing with dad
four summers ago.

It's summer again,
and she would love nothing more
than to go fishing.

My friend works so hard,
but she is no fisherman.
She predicted this.

She asked me that day
when all were gathered in grief
to translate for her.

Back when people ask'd:
"what can we do to help you?"
She had an answer.

Her straight up response
because she could see this day:
"Take my kids fishing."

Some things are dad stuff.
She's got the mom stuff handled.
It's hard to be both.

Her oldest just asked
to go fishing this summer.
My heart broke in two.

Where'd everyone go?
His friends who knew how to fish?
Remember? Time's now.

While we all move on
she feels his loss everyday.
Husband. Dad. Still. Gone.

I thought we'd do more.
Collectively, sad to say,
I feel like we failed.

A whole room so full
of people wearing dark clothes
and grim expressions...

...seemed strong foundation
to uphold this young widow...
(Maybe I was wrong)


It's Day 3-4-8.
My lost friend inspires me still
to keep not smoking.

Also, I will be entering this haiku in the Haiku Buckaroo III Contest. Wish me luck!


  1. This? Was incredible! Very moving.

  2. Wow, very moving! And your last verse, thanks for the reminder...on not to smoke?!

    Very nice haiku! Happy Friday!

  3. Mariposa, it's not so much a reminder as just me keeping track of days since I quit smoking. When my friend got cancer, I promised myself I'd quit sooner rather than later.

  4. Wow, that was so beautiful. And sad.

    Happy Friday!

  5. That was a wonderful haiku, and very sad.
    My heart goes out to your friend and her young ones.

  6. Oh what a wonderful collection of haikus. Moving and sad.

  7. So powerful...and beautiful...and sad. It's funny how much we "fail" when we really have no intention of failing isn't it? Good luck and great job on not smoking. I wish DH would quit tobacco. *sigh*

  8. That was truly moving and well-written. What an incredible person your friend must have been.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. And thank you for sharing such a beautiful haiku with us.

    I'm starting a new meme on Tuesdays about children. Hope you join in.

  9. poignantly expressed
    tale of loss and sorrow … my
    heart goes out to you

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. (Don't tell anyone, but I rarely read the Friday Haikus on anyone else's blog. I never miss yours, though.)

  11. When are you going to publish book of haikus?
    I'd buy it

  12. Such a moving haiku. So heartbreaking. You expressed that so well. My heart goes out to them.

  13. So, so sad.

    I know you wrote this a while back, but congratulations on so many days smoke-free!

  14. Wow. Wonderful storytelling in haiku. I feel a challenge coming on. I'm not the judge or anything, but...I bow to your buckaroo-ness.


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