Friday, May 02, 2008

Haiku (Hai-r-Ku-t) Friday 5/2/08

Haiku Friday

Today seems perfect
to revisit a story
about a haircut.

No, not that long one,
but there is another one
from another time.

I was in Japan
and at my fav'rite haunt,
the Mister Donut.

Free refill coffee
is pretty rare in Japan,
but MisDo has it.

And so I was there,
wondering why I'd gained weight,
blaming it on rice...

A guy came over,
asking me general stuff.
Where from? Use chopsticks?

(Sometimes randomly
people will approach you
to practice English.)

We chatted, and then
he asked me an odd question:
You need a haircut?

Not sure how he guess'd.
My hair prob'ly looked like crap.
Still, I was intrigued.

And I did need one.
See, language barriers
can be really hard.

Even in English,
I have trouble explaining
how I want my hair.

So I'd put it off
waiting for my Japanese
to become fluent.

Turns out that this guy
had a friend with a salon,
down alley, downstairs.

Ever so cautious
but I did follow him there,
and it went just fine.

And he translated,
explaining what I wanted,
the perfect haircut.

Even though I tried,
nobody would let me pay,
and so it was free.

Stuff like this happened
throughout my time in Japan,
so many stories.

But now to this day
when I think about donuts
I think haircuts, too.


I don't smoke today
because it's day two-three-oh (230),
but back then I smoked.

[I'm dumb - that should have said day three-two-oh (320)]

And I "collected"
ashtrays, on some occasions,
like when at MisDo.

Also, I will be entering this haiku in the Haiku Buckaroo III Contest. Wish me luck!


  1. I adore how you can tell a fascinating story in haiku. You are Haiku Master(ess?) Maggie to me.

  2. You rock the storytelling'ku! Loved it. Pic of the haircut?

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE the new look. LOVE IT!

  3. Great haiku! Interesting story! Happy 230 smoke free days!

  4. that's fantastic!! i am waiting to get a haircut until i'm fluent in thai... and boy could i use one. maybe i'll go hang out at the mr. donut...

  5. Great ku. :-) I've been not smoking since 2000... it can be done! I chewed on a lot of straws and cinammon flavored gum.

  6. That was amazing! I can't believe you told that whole story in haiku! Wow! Great story too!
    I love your new layout!!!

  7. very trusting of you to follow that guy!

    (you're very talented at haiku!)

  8. That is amazing. The fabulosity of the haiku, as well as the story itself.
    Congrats on 230 days of smoke free happiness! What a treat this was to read.

  9. I loved this story...took me back to Japan. Thank you!

  10. love your new digs! looks awesome.

    and the ku rocks too. you tell a mighty fine story in 5-7-5!

  11. I love the new ‘look’
    of your blog … it’s certainly
    easier to read ;--)

    Donuts and haircuts …
    who else would ‘connect’ the two?
    Certainly not me!

    You do have a ‘flair’ for telling a story in Haiku! Well done (as always).
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Wow, a story well told in HaiKu! Great work! Happy weekend!

  13. Wow! You are an amazing Haiku-teller :) What an neat haircutting experience! Too bad many of the english speaking Americans that I've PAID to cut my hair have failed :(

  14. Wow, girl. By the end, I had forgotten it was a 'ku. That was awesome. And congrats on the big 2-3-0.

  15. You are a haiku goddess! Wow. I love haiku and write one each day, but wow! You tell stories so beautifully through it.


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