Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post 501

Today is smoke-free day 330. And this is, apparently and according to Blogger, my 501st blog post. Holy hell. I feel like I should be celebrating 500 posts. Or something. Instead, I'll keep this short and unrelated. (You're welcome.)

I'm back home from heaven, and you all now know that Tom's previously undisclosed but now known and still current location until anyone's guess is the gorgeously green and great big sky-ed Tulsa, Oklahoma (yes, as that link shows, this was, indeed, my second visit, but the first was different because we went and came back together as one pair of happy). There is still so much I can't really get into publicly, so the party line stands. I can tell you that I'm back from my awesomely wonderful trip safely, that I still do not love saying goodbye at all (cried. on the plane. publicly. and sniffled a bit. while sharing half of my seat with half of a very large man. a man who somehow did not have to pay for two seats. and who seemed intrigued while trying just not quite hard enough to *not* seem intrigued by my sadness. whatever.) but consider it worth it as part of the price to see my man, that I have reached a point in my not smoking journey that it finally doesn't even occur to me any more on the plane whether or not smoking would even be allowed because it didn't occur to me to even want to smoke, and that I'm catching up on all of my favorite blogs today (and maybe tomorrow - some of y'all have been very, very busy).

Oh, and here's to 500 more of Maggie's Mindless posts if it's not in poor taste to toast one's self with a great big ol' latte. If so, please bring me a stiff drink and pull up a chair.


  1. Wow!!! 500 posts!!!! That is amazing! Way to go!

  2. dude, I've done that before...kind of embarrassing, but whatevs ;-)

    Congrats on 500!

  3. glad you are home safely and congrats on 500!!!!!

  4. Maggie,
    Let me just tell you that quite a few of those five hundred posts made me realize that if you could do it, (quit smoking) than I could be successful also! You were the first Chantix blog I started reading and I e-mailed you before I made the decision to go on it myself. Blogging is the best! How did you like Oklahoma anyway?

  5. happy 500!

    Man, I hate goodbyes. Almost more than I hate anything in the world I hate goodbyes. I'm a goodbye blubberer. It was terrible when I my husband and I dated long-distance, I was a real pill.

    Oh and I couldn't help but sing in my head "Fat guy in a tiny seat" when I read that...

  6. Well, I guess that answers the question that I posted on today's blog. You are back. Hopefully the seperation will not be much longer.
    I haven't flow yet since quit(I don't go anywhere), but I would imagine it would be a whole lot less of a pain in the neck to not have to try and find a place to sneak a smoke?

  7. 500 post, Maggie? That is amazing...I can't even imagine what that would feel like. Congratulations <3

  8. Glad you got to visit with your honey!!!


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