Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5/15/08 - 17th Edition

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13 Things I'm Glad I Did Once but Wouldn't Choose to Do Again
(If the sad/scary/painful ones seem odd, please see below where I'll attempt to explain, or you can just think I'm a complete nut, whichever. For some of these I owe you stories for another day. If you are simply dying to hear any one in particular, please shout.)
  1. Climbing Mt. Fuji

  2. Falling off a water slide

  3. Having my heart broken

  4. Breaking someone else's heart

  5. Experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, loss of fertility or loss of a parent

  6. Fearing, reasonably, being crushed or trampled to death in a mob of way too many people at a fireworks show

  7. Feeling an airplane "drop" untold bucket loads of feet due to turbulence flying over the Pacific Ocean (you know, where there is an assload of water, but your seat can be used as a flotation device if you don't mind using it after you've already crapped all over it on your way down?)

  8. Riding in or on ferries or boats or horseback rides offered by random guys in the middle of nowhere in countries where safety standards may be very different from what it occurred to me to even wonder

  9. Getting hopelessly lost in Hong Kong (1 of 2 lost in HK experiences under my belt) past dark in an area where the English speaking people aren't but the live chickens for sale are

  10. Staying in a dumpy and dirty with stinky blankets fire hazard back packer high rise "hotel" in Hong Kong, alone (instead of in a potentially nicer room with a random stranger German traveler guy - I still think I made the right choice)

  11. Going 3 years in Japan with a granny bike, complete with basket, as my main source of local transportation, rain, shine, typhoon or 8 million degrees with 7.35 million percent humidity (approximate figures)

  12. Living in a Japanese apartment so "traditional" that even my Japanese boyfriend was freaked out by the rustic-ness of things like having to do laundry outside on the balcony (no dryer), having no shower (just ofuro) and a squat toilet.

  13. "Downhill" skiing the time that was conveniently both the first and last time all rolled into one because I'm efficient like that
Disclaimer on including sad/scary/painful experiences: I am whoever it is that I've become today because of the experiences I've had, good, bad, or other. Perhaps some of the sadder ones seem strange, but to me it's really a matter of perspective, I guess. I've been reminded recently that anything sad or painful I've experienced has served to make me more compassionate. But only if I let it; I also have the choice to become a bitter hag. It's still not that I'd choose to take on sad experiences that pretty much just plain suck just for some lofty noble reason like learning compassion because that would be kind of nutty, but if it's already happened, why not find something positive to take out of something tragic? I wouldn't change what I've learned or who I've become as a result of my experiences living life, even if I don't care to repeat the experiences of any of the above either. Fair enough?

Today is smoke-free day 333.
I could add going through the whole quitting smoking thing to the list above, but that one's gotta be pretty obvious.

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  1. That was a fun post Maggie. Most of the things that I did once and never did again, I wouldn't want to post. lol

    Although I wish at times that I would have done many things differently (20/20 hindsight), I guess I don't really because then, I wouldn't be who I am and have the hubby, children & grandchildren that I have now.

    Life has many life lessons and although some of those lessons are tough ones, I too believe that they shape who we are.

  2. That is an amazing list and I would totally agree, valuable experiences to have but not necessarily desireable to experience them more than once! And I agree with what you say about strength of character developing from enduring some of thesee experiences...been there too, different experiences

  3. This is a great list! I would not wanna do most of them either :o) Well, I did not do much of stuff on your list anyway (except the broken hearts :o). Happy TT!

  4. I love to fly....and I've flown over the Pacific a few times....but I know what you mean about the floatation so agreement!

    My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.

  5. D'oh! I lost the comment I just left you. It got deleted! Now I have to write it again and it just won't sound so spontaneous... In a nutshell I really enjoyed reading your T13 and wish I could live in Japan one day.

  6. I envy your experiences abroad. I hope to travel extensively once my kids have left the nest.
    Happy T13!

  7. Great list, except I think downhill skiing is one of the funnest things to do! I learned how to ski on Rib Mountain many years ago, it was a ton of fun despite all the hard work it was to learn. The thrill is unlike anything else. I am up too.

  8. I agree entirely about your disclaimer.

    The poopy floatation device made me laugh out loud!

    And I also had to laugh at the horse rides in random countries -- because I did that and was terrified (will never do again) and all the horses were biting each other's asses because they were too close together and they came dangerously close to biting me! Not to mention slipping on wet slippery rocks and almost tumbling to my death...
    (repeat) I am stronger now because of it.

  9. I love the comment about the floatation device (after you crapped all over it) LOL... such a good point. Great and creative post! I may have to "borrow" this idea sometime.

  10. Wonderful post. Our experiences make us who we are - if you hadn't experienced those things, you wouldn't be the great person you are today.

    Happy TT!

  11. Dang! You've done a lot... And good for you on the not smoking stuff! kudos!

  12. I am glad that you shared all that you did, because yes, everything...the good and bad makes us who we are.
    Happy TT, hope you'll visit my 32nd TT...Housework, Quoth the Mama, Nevermore at The Cafe.

  13. You know how you commented today that we have so many similar experiences? Add #5 to that.

    "Riding in or on ferries or boats or horseback rides" reminds me of the things people do while on cruises...I won't do it again as I'd hate to end up in a hospital in one of those countries!

  14. Wow, quite the list. You make me feel like a schlump that's never done anything!

  15. Um.. How about I just say I never did any of those at all? Okay, I take that back. I think I did #4 once or maybe twice.

    But my husband likes to say he ate curried chicken twice: first and last, at the same time, because he's efficient like that too!

  16. Wow what a life you have lead so far! Great post!!!!

  17. Downhill ski with me, you'll have a ball. As for the rest of it, I agree.

  18. I understand what you mean about the bad bits, Maggie.

    There's lots that I wouldn't want to go through again, but I know I'm much stronger and wiser from having gone through those things.

    It's nice to meet someone who thinks the same way. :)

  19. Whoa... GREAT topic idea. I'm in there with you on the ectopic, fertility and loss of Dad. And you know, you're right. NOT that I would want to experience those again, however I would so NOT be the person I am today if these events had not happened. I don't believe in "if I had it to do over," because I love my life, as is.

    But I'm never doing a Ropes Course again, NOOOOO not ever, no way!

    Hong Kong, huh? I've had a secret desire to experience it ever since I read the Clavell novels.

    Thanks for the insights!

  20. You climbed Mt. Fuji?? And here I sit, prone on the couch. You have done a lot of living. Cool.

    Thanks for visiting my T13. Also where did you get the nifty Post-it for your Twitter tweets? Love it.

  21. Congratulations on day 333! That is a huge accomplishment. Your list is fantastic, I can think of a whole slew of things I did once, but would never do again!

  22. Falling off a water slide? Um, ouch.

  23. I completely agree with you. It's the culmination of *all* our experiences that make us who we are. And lets be real - if we only experienced the best, would we really appreciate it? Probably not, as we'd have nothing to compare it to.

    And about #7 - I'm right there with you, sister. And I'll add to that - who wants to survive a plane crash only to run the risk of being eaten by sharks? I mean, come on. It's like a sick cosmic joke, isn't it?

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  24. Great list Maggie. I wouldn't want to do most of those things either. I used to downhill ski a lot, but now that my knee is all torn up I've had to give it up. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

  25. wow! you've survived a lot of scary situations!

  26. I've never experienced turbulence on a plane like that but you made me giggle describing it.

  27. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Do come back soon. I was reading your 'about me' section and clicking the links. Please feel free to e-mail me @


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