Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5/22/08 - 18th Edition

The Last 13 Outgoing Text Messages on My Phone
(as of Wednesday afternoon)

All of these were to Tom, who many of you know has been in Tulsa since the end of February, so we send text messages quite a bit. I don't know how people managed this kind of long distance thing before the advent of unlimited calling, texting and emailing, and I doubt it left as much room to be as completely random and nutty as I am (poor bastards totally missed out). Anyway, here's what I sent, as is, most recent first, sometimes in response to something and sometimes because the spirit moved me to say something daffy like I used to do to Tom in person (though his reaction was half the fun - so I just imagine the awkward cringing "what is wrong with this damaged chick?" smile).

(Secretly? Just between me and the Interwebs? Tom loves it!)
  1. It was nice. Now you are away. At least I still smell the odor from here.
  2. You did good. Kisses!
  3. I glanced. Going this weekend?
  4. No. I'm sweet, so dessert, last.
  5. I wish you were here. I'd cook you on the grill for the holiday.
  6. Fish in the morning. I really miss you.
  7. Snores loud. Disrupts the Wifes.
  8. Of.
  9. Still awake?
  10. I love you :)
  11. Sorry I missed the call of the Fish.
  12. Maybe. Contingent on if she went in the box or not.
  13. I will withhold songs about peeps and poops.
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  1. I don't think I wanna know about some of

  2. actually the fish one is intriguing. :-P

    Happy TT!

  3. funny!! haha


  4. omg how funny -- i am just now reading this for the first time and I JUST posted a story about my dad and text messages -- too funny!

    dontcha just love text messaging???

  5. Sounds cute. We're definitely not running out of words.

  6. what a great idea! Here's a few of mine, typos and all:

    1. Awesome!
    2. dorry i didnt ans u last nite by the time i had a min 2 myself i collapsed on the couch
    3. grrrrr
    4. i def will...can you talk now?
    5. i'm still waiting for his nurse to call me to let me know hels ready to go. she has to get the ok from the doc.

  7. Those were fun! I think if you told us what some of those mean that would have been way TMI!

    Our Happy Happenings
    Livin' With Me

  8. ummm...the first one makes me afraid and upset... ;)

  9. Very cute TT! I am not brave enough to post what I send to my boyfriend!!!

  10. Who would cook whom on the grill? My T13 is up, as well.

  11. Our "old married couple" posts go something like this:

    "On my way."
    "Naking nap."


  12. Great idea. The outgoing side of texts can be so amusing.


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