Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5/29/2008 19th Edition

I have an email address (the one I don't share with y'all, not that it would matter) that is a magnet for spam. It would almost be like having (um, sorry, Bob) in terms of getting on every spam list that's automatically generated because they know some schmuck has to belong to it. I literally get hundreds of spam (spams plural?) a day. Here's a random sampling. I'd already deleted most of them in my daily ritual (why question what rituals bring me joy and deep meaning?), so I'm not promising the best ones, just some ones. 13 ones, actually.
13 Recent Spam Email Subjects
(with surprisingly brief commentary)
  1. Break the language barrier in only 10 days (wow, the fast track to world peace and cultural understanding through more effective communication, who knew?)
  2. Make Instant Cash by Selling Your Scrap Gold & Jewelry! (been wondering what to do with all my crap, I mean scrap crap)
  3. Your gift. (thanks, shouldn't have and wish you hadn't, but wait right there while I get yours)
  4. Pharmacy Tech training near you. Find out more (no, then I'd get qualified and have to go to work twice as often)
  5. BE OUR GUEST FOR 3 DAYS AND 2 NIGHTS IN COSTA RICA !!! (I would, but I'm afraid of ALL CAPS)
  6. Asbestos Alert! You may be entitled to millions (awesome, sure hope asbestos got me, sorta)
  7. Fw:Your gas debit card (I have one, and it's being sucked dry)
  8. Were Hiring, Start T oday-29 May 2008 13:01:49 -0400 (so very sorry I missed the opportunity - wrong place, wrong exact time down to the second, bummer)
  9. It is all safe and natural (sounds like it)
  10. Find out the best enhancement solution (all problems can be solved on the InterWebz)
  11. $REPSBJ (gibberish much?)
  12. Of as commonplace (have another beer)
  13. Gain a huge cannon for love (um, don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me? - thanks! needed my Femmes fix more than I knew!)(I feel I should warn anyone not familiar with this masterpiece called Add it Up by Violent Femmes - that someone so fabulously added to YouTube for moments just like this when I need to hear it, God bless modern technology - that there is some minor f-boming, so, you know, it's probably not a song to teach your toddler to sing. Your business, though, just saying.). (For sing-a-long purposes, here are the lyrics at a place without spammy popups.)(You are most welcome.)

Today is smoke-free day 347. I'm happy about that.

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  1. MInes up as well! Neat TT! Im sure many more could be added

  2. I gave up my yahoo account because its just random crap like that. AND I don't share that email.


    Happy TT anyway!

  3. Actually it's a great TT - you're so inventive!!

  4. What a list!! I was getting so much spam on my old email address that I had to change it. I NEVER give out my email address to anyone so it's a wonder where they got it. Anyway, I may have to borrow this idea sometime.. clearly I have enough spam for a Thursday 100 list.

  5. Happy TT! That is a interesting list and I get my share of spam mail but I alwasy delete them every single time I check my e-mail and so it never gets over flowed to the point where I have to change my e-mail address. Hope to see you at my 3rd edition about J.R. Ward at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

  6. Great list Maggie. I used when signing up for a site that I don't need/want email back from. I've been really satisfied with Gmail it catches most of the stuff I don't want to see.

  7. Most of the ones I get are in japanese, or selling sex objects. Great post. Happy TT!

  8. lol...what an awesome TT. You get way less penis spam then I do.

  9. Almost worth getting spammed for that list. Funny. And I think the plural of spam is spammage. That's what I hear, anyway. Thanks, now you have the Femmes in my head! Let me go a blister in the sun...

    My T13 is up, too. It is on music, but I didn't include the Femmes.

    13 Songs in Heavy Rotation on my iPod

  10. I have sooo missed the Violent Femmes.

    Haven't listened to them for 15 years, and it'll be another year before I can again.
    ~Mr Bump starts school in Feb, so I get my music freedom back, yeah!


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