Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5/8/08 - 16th Edition


Some of my addictions change like underwear, but many on this list have been with me long enough that I'll likely still be addicted when I'm 102 years old (at which point I'll still be hip, slick and cool, too).

13 Current Addictions
  1. the coffee bean - alternately lattes at home or lattes at Dutch Bros (who y'all know I love more than is healthy even if I don't get there as often since the move last year) or Starbucks (who I have a love/hate relationship with but often wind up getting gift cards that suck me right back in for a few weeks at a time, sneaky bastards)

  2. the Internets - naked every morning before and during getting dressed I'm online to see who loves me check email and blog comments and also to make sure the world didn't blow up while I slept (pretty much every day post 9/11 I wake up wondering - kind of creepy). Oh, and to check the weather so I know whether to go topless again or to wear my snow pants. It snowed here in late April (here where we rarely get snow even in January), so I have to ask the all-knowing Internets every morning what to expect.

  3. hand sanitizer - I somehow lived my first 30+ years without using it every time I got in my car or to my desk or whenever the thought occurred to me, but now I can't go more than a few hours, and I do realize that now the super bug will probably have my ass due to resistance and blah, blah, blah (actually, maybe not, could be hype), but meanwhile, I'm just happy not to have the cooties you left on the shopping cart.

  4. Skinny Cow Bars - I've never even been a big fan of ice cream (yah, I know, lots about me ain't right), but when I started consciously tracking what I eat and aiming for certain goals, I discovered these as a treat (and photographed my discovery), and now I get really pissy when I screw up my day enough not to be able to afford the calories and carb/protein/fat balance thingy have one at night before bed.

  5. garam masala on (low cal) popcorn - even two years ago, I'd never heard of garam masala until I started making the Indian Butter Chicken (heav.en., also photographed in sheer joy). Then I found garam masala cheap and in bulk at the Asian market, and one night randomly sprinkled it on my popcorn. It was a religious experience. Go do this now.

  6. stupid little games like Bejeweled, Jewel Quest, Insaniquarium, Zuma, etc. that mysteriously suck you in even though they really shouldn't be nearly so engrossing unless you have a very simple little brain (which, apparently, I must)

  7. recipes - collecting them, reading about them, playing with them, cooking them. I don't pay for many online memberships, but I am a gold member at Recipezaar (with a public copy of my own "I Made It" cookbook full of every recipe I've tried or blogged about), and a paid membership out of cheap ass me is practically an endorsement and a declaration of true love.

  8. kitchen gadgetry - for my make believe cooking show, which is where this whole cooking instead of smoking thing is loosely explained (and thanks to both cooking and Chantix, today is smoke-free day 326, so that's a big "canceled" written across one of my oldest used to be addictions)

  9. Lolcats - I can't help it. How can anyone not find stuff like this Hy-Larry-Us to the point of walking away with cute attacks and pee pants from the giggles? You can? OK, you are cold. And dead inside. But I love you anyway. (Maybe.)

    humorous pictures
    more cat pictures

    9a. GraphJam - Tasina first pointed this out on her blog a bit ago, and now I'm a total addict. Stuff like this is why:

    song chart memes
    see more song memes

    If the song is stuck in your head, perhaps a listen will shake it out. Or not. I'm just trying to help... jeez.

    Oh, there are so very many more I'd love to share with you, like this one of such a Steve Miller Band classic as "The Joker," but just go poke yourself around there yourself and let the addiction begin. If you just subscribe to both of these joyful gems in your reader (something I'm thrilled I learned about over the past year), it's painless to keep your day from sucking complete ass.

  10. blogging - I've gone on about why I'm loving blogging, so I won't get into it again other than to say that I think about stuff throughout the day as whether it would be blogworthy, and if so, I either take a picture or take notes (usually mentally, but then they get lost because my brain is broken, so there are some totally blogworthy and fabulous things you'll never know - is truly a shame, trust).

  11. reading blogs - I love you. All. Even when I should be sleeping. Or working. Or doing something productive. Mwah!

  12. me time - as much as I sometimes wallow, and even though I'd trade it in a heartbeat for baby craziness, I really do *love* all of my me time. I get the feeling that if I had a real life, as in a house full of one to seven kids that I would have little to no me time. With "the apartness," even Tom is away, so it's all me time, all the time, and I ain't complaining about it one tiny little bit. Some people don't know how to take the time to pamper themselves or just enjoy quiet moments. I've never been able to understand those people and think that maybe I got some of that skill that maybe they were supposed to have gotten (thievery) because I am very, very good at taking time for me.

  13. my cell phone - during "the apartness," Tom and I are still in constant contact with text messages and random phone calls about things that smell bad, major life issues, poop jokes, lovey-dovey miss you kissy kissy gagginess and who's having what for dinner. I get so happy when he sends a text and makes my phone vibrate and my heart shake.

  14. Hello Kitty Pajamas, but you already knew that, and this is the Thursday Thirteen not Friday Fourteen or whatever, so this one isn't really here.
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  1. I am definetly an addict at heart myself! At least your addictive habits are improving! Cooking and skinny cow bars as opposed to smoking cigarettes and getting high! Oh Maggie, you have come a long way ! LOL

  2. I'm addicted to many of the same things you are, particularly coffee, blogging, and silly computer games like Chuzzles :)

  3. I am defenitely addicted with blogging, internet, photography, and cs3 :D Great lists

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  4. We have a lot in common. I am addicted to the net, blogging, and reading blogs. I have been addicted to recipes for many years!
    great list!

  5. Great list! I'll have to try skinny cow ice cream... and I'm totally addicted to blogging (although I just started 3 months ago!) On a side note, I'm hopeful that one day my husband will quit smoking for good (sigh). Congrats on your 326th day!

  6. Coffee? check.

    teh internets? check.

    hand sanitizer? sometimes. I have a wonky immune system and thus am paranoid about other people's germs.

    those stupid computer games? check, check and check!

    recipes? Check -- I have started recipe binders for my kids, with favorites from various peoples. I also have a cookbook my friends and I made at Kinko's with all our favorite recipes. It is awesome, and fun to go back and rediscover stuff we used to make.

    kitchen gadgets? Not so much. I have finally broken my family's habit of buying me random kitchen stuff, because we don't have room for specialized equipment...if it can't be used for at least 3 or 4 things, I don't want it in my kitchen.

    Oh, yeah, I love GraphJam. Especially that decision-making flow chart I posted a few days ago.

    Great addictions, Maggie!!!!

  7. If you have to be addicted to something, you have a few good ones there. At least it's not smoking any longer.

    Happy TT!

  8. You've got fourteen too! Oh LOL, so did I!
    Cooking, blogging, recipes, coffee, internet, quitting the smoking habit, always trying out new stuff in the kitchen, photography ... we could be sisters?
    I'll have to ask my father if there was maybe something he forgot to tell us! LOL!

  9. Great list Maggie. I also am addicted to the coffee bean and kitchen gadgets. Thanks for stopping by...

  10. I found cardamom pods at Whole Foods (broke a bottle of Spike while I was there, too) and am making the butter chicken Friday night! Thank you!

  11. You should just know that you are one of my favorites!!

  12. Fun list of some very worthwhile (and familiar!) addictions. I've been swearing ever since I quit smoking that at least I don't have to give up caffeine, but lately I've actually been considering it... I don't know what to tell you. Temporary insanity, I'm sure.

  13. I LOVE Skinny Cow. I'm so pissed because my local Publix hasn't carried the Cookies N Creme sandwiches in forever - I'm about to get snotty to the manager if he doesn't fix this!

  14. me = blog addict.

    yes, i have an addictive personality too. and man, i am eyeing those skinny cow bars!! those look mahvelous!

  15. I use hand sanitizer too, especially after putting gas in my car and before eating. There's no disadvantage in being clean.

  16. #6 is so funny..I have Zuma and Jewel Quest and can waste hours upon hours playing them. You may be the same person and Julie and I....*confused*


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