Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Color of Red (and Apparently a Bit Green, Too)

Today is smoke-free day 358, and one of my favorite bloggers I've met along my Chantix and continued not smoking anymore journey, Deb (aka MamaFlo), has tagged me to tell you about...

Six Unspectacular Quirks of Mine
(amazingly enough all of these are related to me and my kitchen, home of Maggie's Batshit Make Believe Cooking Show)

1. In order to start cooking, I need to have a clean kitchen (this is when I miss Tom the most during this "apartness" because the man knows how to clean a kitchen well when promised dinner in return for services). I also need to be wearing my favorite slippers and my Hello Kitty apron (which don't match, in case you wonder).

2. I moved the mat that was by the front door into the kitchen because it matches my Hello Kitty apron. (The shoes in the picture are no longer included with the mat because I would just trip over them, and that would suck if I was carrying boiling water or a sharp knife.)

3. On that day I moved the happy red mat above, I decided that the theme of my kitchen was red, which is perfect because I have some silicone spatulas that I got for Christmas that happen to be red as well. I'm now up to two rooms in my home (the other is a bathroom) that have some kind of theme or decoration. That's huge for me.

4. Ever since I totally splurged beyond my spending comfort zone and bought my laptop back in April (to help stimulate my, um, economy or whatever), I haven't printed out a single recipe but instead cook with the laptop on the kitchen counter because pretty much everything I make is on Recipezaar (and everything I've made is in my "I Made It Cookbook" so that you can make it, too!). The byproduct is me doing my part to save the environment one recipe card at a time, even if I didn't intend it to work out that way.

[edited to add: Lotus thinks this counts enough that I should include it in her Project Support Beauty in Nature goodness she is doing again today, so consider me green, even if not on purpose. More greenly, I've also been boycotting my dryer, even in the still rainy Northwest lately, but that's another quirk for another post for another day and mostly because I'm cheap, er, frugal.]

5. I am nervous like a skitty kitty (bonus quirk - that's what I call one of our cats) about liquids being anywhere in the same geographic region of my laptop, so I have extremely strict rules enforced at all times so that no open liquid that could be knocked over by some total klutz (me) is *ever* on the same surface as my laptop at the same time. Even coffee. Yep, really.

6. Cooking while having the laptop right there and things like email, Twitter, goddamn addictive Plurk an whatnot can make it easy to get distracted and hard to concentrate on cooking. And easier to burn something. Or cut off a finger. Which would result in an unwanted addition to my "red kitchen" theme I've got going. Just saying.

The Rules for this MeMe are as follows (with my commentary of which rules I did or didn't follow in italics):
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you. (Done! Thanks, MamaFlo!)

2. Mention the rules on your blog. (Done! But I'm mentioning that I'm not following to a tee...)

3. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. (Very unspectacular, done!)

4. Tag six following bloggers by linking them. (I will also email them.) (Yah, this is where I kind of let people tag themselves - not in the spirit, I know, but if you feel like doing this and let me know, I'll add a link to you here as if I planned it that way, cool? Come on, it's fun!)

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs, letting them know they've been tagged. (See above. I'm such a rebel.)

6. There isn't a 6th rule, but don't you think there really should be?


  1. I gotcha with the computer stuff, mine isn't in the kitchen or even in the vicinity of the kitchen and on more than one instance lately I've burnt something I was cooking - Damn!!
    Maybe I should power up my laptop (MacBook) and take it into the kitchen while I'm cooking and only work on my desktop (iMac) when I'm not cooking.

    With all the food/cooking photos you've taken and all the recipes you've con-cocked, you really should put together a cookbook.

  2. I also can't cook unless the kitchen is clean. Weird quirk, but my Mom, Sister and Brother are all the same way.

  3. ooh yay, that might mean i am green too but not on purpose! i am too lazy to hook the computer up to the printer and fuss with the printer to get it working so that i might print a recipe. so my laptop also goes on my counter. the trick is touching it enough that it doesn't fall asleep on me so that i might touch it with sticky recipeed hands.

  4. hello there.. i was blog hopping and came across your blog and I would like to know if you would be interested in trading links with me? If you are I have 4 blogs that I want to trade links with:

    Can of Thoughts
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    Vhiel's Corner

    Please let me know if you want to trade by leaving me a comment on any of my blogs.


  5. I love number 6! It made me giggle in all sorts of ways. :-)

  6. MamaFlo - I used to run back and forth to the computer while cooking, and this is much, much easier :)

    Emerald City - My mom cooked in a dirty kitchen sometimes, so maybe I got from your mom :)

    Christie - This is why I finally bought a little mouse for the laptop. I couldn't imagine what would happen to the touchpad thingy if I computed while cooking.

    Vhiel - Thank you for stopping by! I usually read someone's blog for awhile before I'll link to it (that's why blogroll is so short), but I will go take a look, and if I find myself coming back again and again to read, I'll add a link.

    Lotus - Glad my potential bloodbath brings a smile ;)

  7. I also can't cook if the kitchen isn't clean. I can't even pour a bowl of cereal if the kitchen isn't clean. I need help.

    That is so awesome that you cook with your laptop in the kitchen. I could never do it - our kitchen is small, so I'd be sure to spill something...plus, I would totally fall victim to getting distracted by Twitter or something.

    I like the Hello Kitty apron!!!

  8. Annie - It does take the right kitchen set up to pull of the laptop thing. If I spilled and killed it, I would be *very* unhappy.

  9. I have that same fear with liquids and the lappy. Especially when the girls are awake. We've had many close calls and I would be devastated to have to hang my laptop to drip dry as a result of spilling a glass of wine on it :)


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