Saturday, June 07, 2008


When I finally go to sleep and wake back up, it will be smoke-free day 356, but in case you have not already found Fail Blog (I've been reading quietly for awhile, but Tasina mentioned she has been, too, so I hope you are all already on board), this is my gift to you today.

Between Fail Blog, Lolcats and GraphJam (thanks again to Tasina for pointing out that gem), I find time each day to just about pee my pants laughing (without coughing, which is one of my favorite things about not smoking - this time last year I couldn't laugh as hard as I wanted, and that's just sad).

I've forwarded a few of the choicest ones to Tom (only the choicest; I rarely forward stuff like that to anyone), and it gives us something to giggle about across the miles like we used to before "the apartness" when we'd see bizarre events together in the real world. For example, like seeing grown women who are old enough that they really oughtta know better, turning up in the grocery store wearing pajama bottoms, like fleece with monkeys on them kind of pajama pants that are so painfully and clearly not intended to be daywear for a public audience. (I happen to have fleece pjs with monkeys on them, but somehow my mom managed to teach me how to dress myself before she left this world.)

(If one you dear readers do that pajama thing, don't be offended. It's not like it harms anyone, and it does give me reason to giggle discreetly at you while you walk away, so I should probably thank you.)


This is one that is funny because it's not funny. Sadly, it totally illustrates the way my mind worked for 20+ years. And at least she bothered to get dressed.



  1. Yipppeee for Maggie!!
    Wow girl, you're almost a year quit - A Year!!
    What kind of celebration do you have planned?

    Congrats Girl on another day closer to your 1 Year Anniversary!!!!

  2. Maggie, we want to have a celebration party for you? How can we do it over the internet?

  3. My celebration is the new blog design :) Just keep reading, and I'll consider it a party!

  4. This reminds me of a time we went for a fancy dinner to a steak house in Whistler, BC.

    It's mine and Baby Daddy's favorite restaurant here in Vancouver and the dress code is pretty fancy.

    So, in Whistler, we get dressed to the nines for this place and upon arrival notice it's much more laid back. People are wearing jeans and blouses or tee shirts.

    And then two girls walk in...wearing PAJAMA BOTTOMS.

    Ugh. I could have died. I don't know if for me or them, but whatever.

    Pajamas in public are just plain wrong!


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