Friday, June 06, 2008

Hai-(ahhhh)-ku Friday 6/6/08

Haiku Friday

Notice a diff'rence? :)
Please make yourself at home here
in my brand new digs!

Doodlebug Designs
does such very awesome work -
thanks, Judi, so much!


Naked relaxing,
soaking in nature's hot springs,
Japanese onsen

I knew there were rules,
and I knew it was naked.
Still, some surprises.

Boys go to one side,
and girls go to the other
(well, in most places).

Soap up and clean up,
careful to also rinse well,
this before soaking.

(It was familiar;
I did the same in my home...
but no audience)

Now please imagine
always looking so diff'rent
from everyone else.

Sometimes people stare,
sometimes little kids will point,
super curious.

When on the subway?
You really get used to it
in about a day.

Preparing to soak
and naked at the onsen,
people will still stare!

Oh my gawd, awkward!
So awkward, awkward, awkward!
But what can you do?

I just decided
that I didn't care at all;
have another look :)

I still remember
the crisp feel of the cool night
on hot naked skin...

...and feeling wet rock
beneath my confident feet
as I ran naked... longer caring
who might be staring at me,
from one spring to next.

Refreshing. Freeing.
So liberating.


Thank you for reading
on my smoke-free day three-five-five,
off to lick my screen.


  1. Your blog looks AWESOME! I am jealous - so clean and fresh and new! Fantastic!

    And I love your Haiku story. What an amazing experience. I wanna run nakie and not care, too! ;-)

  2. love your new blog. it's beautiful!!

    i'm not sure, or rather i'm very sure i'm not, brave enough to venture into hot springs naked with people who look like me. and i'm thinking not with people who don't look like me. right now it's just our kids who get pointed at and prodded some - there are enough westerners here that we're not that unique.

  3. Your new look is beautiful.
    And . . . You are brave. :)

  4. that sounds like so much fun! i wish i had the cajones. one day i will!

    meanwhile -- can't stop staring at your new blog.

  5. I LOVE your new blog look! It is fabulous!!!
    Great haiku story! I don't know if I would be brave enough. :)


    I also love how you are reliving Japan with us through these Haiku. Please keep it up, my dear!

  7. Love the new look! I just redesigned my blog also, but it doesn't look nearly as nice as yours.

    I loved your haiku. I applaud you for becoming more comfortable in your own skin.

  8. Oh, I LOVE the new design! Well done!

  9. Great haiku!

    I love the blog design.

    Congrats on being smoke-free!!

  10. Such a pretty blog! Am jealous now. :)

    Great 'ku, too. That would be and odd experience, but you are brave to do it.

  11. I totally dig your new digs! Great 'ku, too.

  12. Fun to read of your
    memories of living in
    Japan … Haiku’d here ;--)

    As I said in my comment yesterday, I do love the new look here!
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. now can you come decorate my house?

  14. I like the new look Maggie. The one you were using before was hard for me to read and actually made me miss that dark blue you started with :)

    Have a good weekend.

  15. LOVE the new design! It's beautiful :)

  16. I wish I had seen your blog before the up-do it's had...oh well, love the look regardless, it's very tranquil.

    Great Haiku. I wish I had the chungas to want to run naked!

  17. This is my first visit here, and my first thought was what a cool blog design...awesome!
    Nice haiku - yikes, I don't know if I would be that brave!

  18. I love your new blog design Maggie, she did a great job!!!!

  19. Very pretty new layout! I love your haiku, that sounds challenging and rewarding because you managed not to care and just enjoy!

  20. ohhhhh, maggie! i LOVE the new design. it's fabulous.

    and i too did that onsen thing when i was in japan a year ago. we went as a group -- about 20 women who know each other a LOT better now ;-)

  21. Wow - nice refresh. The place looks great!

  22. Excellent look Maggie! Grats on so many days smoke free.

  23. Great haiku. You're much more daring than I.

    Love the blog design, too!

  24. Ooooooohhhhmmmmmmmmm..... :) Love the new look! Very, very nice.

    What a great Ku story. I wish I were so brave to run naked. I'm too chicken to wear a skirt above my knees these days :(

  25. It is a beautiful look. I noticed it right away. And, the naked hot springs sound wonderful. Very cool haiku. It was my first time today and I'm realizing that one verse just may not cut it!

  26. I adore the new design - it's very much you.

    Tens all the way across - good job, Maggie!!


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