Friday, June 20, 2008

Haiku Friday 6/20/08

Haiku Friday

That one sweet summer
there was a bridge being built
out in the cornfields.

Don't even ask me.
'Cuz I don't get it either,
today looking back.

It doesn't make sense,
and yet I can still taste it,
my mind's eye smells it.

Middle of nowhere
harmless teens up to no good,
the Prom Crew plus some.

Almost every night
we witnessed the progress made
earlier that day.

We slacked and partied
where men had toiled in the sun,
oblivious youth.

We sat on that bridge
spreading out as it did too, for something.

Older guys got beer,
I always supplied much pot,
and the good times rolled.

(Looking back scares me.
I was too young to drive, and
my driver was stoned.)

Fights over spilled beer,
making out by the bonfire,
wiping with corn husks.

Poetic justice
at the end of our summer:
the bridge completed.

For some reason, too,
we always said "completed,"
not "built" or just "done."

Many months later
after getting my license,
I tried driving there.

Would you believe me
if I told you it was gone?
I could not find it.

By logic, I know
that I looked in the wrong place.
Still.... A part of me...

A part of my heart
can't help but believe somehow
it's gone with our youth.

It was completed.
Our bridge, magic summer, us.
Other side. Then... Gone.

Also, I will be entering this haiku in the Haiku Buckaroo III Contest. Wish me luck!


  1. I loved this. Great haiku. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Very well-written! I agree . . . great imagery!!

  3. Ahh, the summers gone by. It's true you can't go back. Maybe because the bridge is gone!

  4. Congrats on 1 year smoke free!!! Loved your 13 pics, they're so artistic.

    Really enjoyed your haiku. It's amazing how much fun you have in youth. No worries, immortality, summer fun. Then we look back with fond memories and worry, because you can't believe how stupid some things were (like when I walked across a mildly frozen lake while drunk, enjoying seeing my footprints in the sludge of the soft surface).

    Anyways, your haiku made me think back on my summer days. Even though I had many many many hardships and trials during my teen years, somehow summers always seemed magical.

  5. Fantastic! Especially the part about the bridge being gone, like youth.

  6. Awesome 'ku. It's amazing how, no matter how we try, we ecan never get that rush of those times back.

  7. anglophilefootballfanatic.comSaturday, June 21, 2008 5:10:00 AM

    How wonderful Maggie! Very descriptive of you.

  8. simply wonderful
    how you share your memories
    each week in haiku

    It’s taken just about all day, but I’ve managed to post Haiku on both of my blogs after making numerous changes to each and creating a third. Imagine that! Just call me obsessed and addicted ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Loved your Haiku! And your 13 pics are awesome...there's just something about lighthouses and beaches.
    Thanks for visiting me! :)

  10. Oh I love this haiku! Great job! (oh - and I'm the one thinking of trying the cleanse, not really to lose weight, but more to see if it makes me feel better - less tummy trouble mainly.) =)

  11. I LOVED this haiku. Awesome description of lost youth and innocence. So great.

  12. Beautiful. You really captured a feeling - it's the same way I feel when I look back on some summers from my youth. Brilliant.


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